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by Rodney Dagan - Date: 2008-08-29 - Word Count: 503 Share This!

One of the hardest parts of being an artist is getting exposure. The rules of the game often seem unfair, with your credibility being based on who you know and where you live. If you're a Native, Aboriginal and Indigenous artist or craft person, you may feel entirely out of place and unable to sell your art anywhere but in your own village.

Whether from North America, Africa or Australia, every nation has its own form of art and its own story to tell. There can be many nations within a country, and it can be difficult to get the message across about what your nation produces. As an artist from the region, you are also a cultural ambassador. Not only do you tell your own story through your art, but introduce others to a new culture and possibly even form of expression.

Native Art World wants to help all artists get the word out about their art by giving them free tools to succeed. Any Native or Indigenous artist can list their information on the Native Art World/ Your art page, or the page of your region and in turn get a free webpage to introduce the world to their art.

Not only will this help the individual artist gain exposure to their art, but it will also introduce the rest of the Native Art community to each other and foster collaboration and understanding of what's going on in other areas. This collaboration will lead to a strengthening of the community and greater tolerance of others. And a strong community will help their artists grow and achieve even greater success worldwide.

The process is simple, and artists simply fill out a short form on the Native Art World website. They have the option to upload a photo if they wish, and may fill out the form to add to their site. After approval the artist page is submitted to the all the major search engines including Google, Yahoo, Live Search MSN, Ask and Entire Web.

The page also includes a contact form if a working email address is submitted with all the other information. Any contact form submitted will be automatically forwarded to the artist's personal email without giving out the email address. Total privacy is ensured, and information is not sold to any outside organizations or third party.

Within 60 days of approval, an article about the artist including information on the webpage and art will be submitted to article directories and the like, creating even more of a buzz about the artist and their community. This will be sent to up to 50,000 websites and areas of interest, creating more exposure than ever possible without using the internet.

This free resource is available to any who sign up on the website and are part of the Native Art World. By providing free exposure, many artists will be able to benefit from a personal dialogue with millions out there who may need to find just the right piece for their mantel by an artist like you.

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Rod Dagan provides the opportunity for native artists and crafts persons to display their work worldwide with free resources that are not provided anywhere else at page at

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