Loving Yourself: the Secret to Success

by Lyla Feldman - Date: 2008-07-21 - Word Count: 317 Share This!

You cannot love anyone else until you love yourself first.  If you are feeling down or frustrated with yourself for any reason, try to determine what it will take to change those thoughts.  It could be just as simple as a new makeover or a weekend away with your friends.   If you have been feeling bad about yourself for a long time, it might be something deeper that is preventing you from accepting or giving love.  Here are some ways to stop pushing people away and getting the love you deserve. 


Your confidence level and self esteem will play a huge role with your intimate relationships.  A poor self image or low self esteem will lead to constant self doubt.  Write down three things each day that you like about yourself.  Ask friends to send you things they like about you via email, phone, snail mail or whatever.  Write them all down in one place and make a note every time someone compliments you.  Put them all in a nicely decorated container and pull out the pieces of paper whenever you feel like throwing a pity party for yourself. 


Use affirmations such as "I am beautiful inside and out and deserve to be loved." 

Put those positive thoughts in places where you'll be sure to see them everyday such as the bathroom mirror, your favorite book, or next to the remote control.  If you don't feel comfortable leaving them out for others to view, put them in your underwear or sock drawer, planner or journal as a book mark.  Write down negative thoughts in your head and think about who said them to you.  Try to write back counter messages to each one and you should feel better in no time.  Don't be so critical and hard on yourself.  Have compassion for yourself and where you're at in life.  You should be own your best friend. 

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