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Mobile phones have invaded our lives and have made their own unique stand. They have enabled us to even watch television apart from the basic functions of making calls and sending texts. Latest innovation with handsets is that it can be used for shopping also. Shopping through mobile phones to buys things like train tickets and other items are very common in Japan, but the trend is yet new in many other countries. The skyrocketing trend in Japan at present is the integration of websites with magazines, and television programs. "Polo Ralph Lauren" the renowned retailer has launched a new mobile e-commerce site which enables consumers to shop around, and buy products through their mobile phones. Through this cutting edge shopping method, consumers can shop from anywhere and at anytime. This is a far more advanced level than the present computer based e-commerce.

Polo Ralph Lauren is the first luxury retailer to launch a mobile shopping site. This is a new way to choose clothing in a user-friendly and high tech manner. 2D bar codes will be used under this method, which will direct the customers to Ralph Lauren's mobile website. Special codes in print ads, store windows, and mailings will be placed by the company. Consumers will have to download special software to their camera phones that will scan the codes and direct it to a phone friendly version of with website of Ralph Lauren. The 2D codes hold a large volume of information like URL's, which can be detected by the user's phone software and will automatically connect the user to the portal. Just by holding the phone over the given symbol or photographing it, the user can get connected with a specific internet portal.

Apart from shopping, customers can also read the company's content, magazines and watch exclusive videos as well. Efforts are also being made to sell mobiles in the market within a year with pre-installed bar code readers. Consumers can also get mobile alerts on their handsets. Mobile users who do not have the code reader or a camera can visit a nearby mobile site to access the tool or for software download. Now, with mobile shopping, quickness in looking through the racks and getting for another designer sale is not the concern. Getting a latest cell phone with browsing capabilities, and downloading the right software to read the bar codes, and speed of the user's fingers to browse through the latest items have become more important. This trend is currently spreading throughout Europe, and is expected by industry experts to make its way from Asia to the US.

M-commerce is a boon to the tech savvy shopping aficionados. When phones with preinstalled code readers are introduced in the market, this system of shopping will become more prevalent in the near future. This technology offers more potential as it will be an untapped market for the retailers. It brings not only the shopping experience, but also videos, and magazine contents; all in the palms of the consumers hand.

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