Be the Next JK Rowling - Can I Make Money Writing a Book?

by Tom Williamsen - Date: 2009-11-08 - Word Count: 571 Share This!

Can I make money writing a book? Sure enough, everybody is familiar with the infamous Harry Potter and his magical adventures with his wizard friends. The series by J.K. Rowling is definitely a hit not only to children but also to adults who love to read. Needless to say, her books have certainly brought not only fame but also a fortune to her in an instant. Therefore, you can indeed make money by writing a book. How? Read on and find out.

In order to answer your question, "Can I make money writing a book," you first need to know what to write about by finding out what your readers want to read. This is very important factor that tends to be ignored by many writers. You have a wide range of choices picking the genre you want to focus on. You can start with short stories then work it up to novels eventually. One good idea is to write about a "hot" topic. By hot topic, it means something that generates the interest or imagination of the public. It isn't necessary that your book is the great American novel but rather a book that is created to sell fast because your audience is interested in its content. The question now is how to find a present "hot" topic. You can freely utilize the services of the internet by conducting surveys to find out what's currently "hot" nowadays. You can also monitor to some talk shows on the radios if you have the time. Aside from political issues, you may come across topics like health and finance. Once you decide on a hot topic, you may start writing your book. It is a good idea to create an online blog and publish your work on it while you are in the process of writing it. Of course after finishing your novel, you need to have it published. There are some small and mid-scaled publishers who are open to new writers. The only problem is that they don not have enough money power like that of a major publisher. Although getting published with them can be of advantage too since they will surely give you the royalty fees you need to make a living. However, it will be the major publishers who will be the ones to bring you big sales. The difficult thing here is it is harder for them to notice you but it is not impossible. If you are lucky enough to come across a literary agent who can represent you, that would be a great help to you. A literary agent is someone who has read your book and believes that it is marketable enough to sell. They have the connections in the industry to get your book to editors who decide on what books go on to be published. Some people may ask, "How many books do I have to sell in order to make money?" Actually, the quantity of books you need to publish is the variable. Keep in mind a good rule of thumb for estimating your profits is a dollar is equal to one book meaning you have to sell 50,000 books within a year so that you can earn a solid living.

If you are somebody who keeps on asking himself, "Can I make money writing a book?" Definitely you can. Just give your full determination and commitment and the rewards are yours to reap.

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