Ready To Trim The Fat From Your Home-Based Business?

by Laurie Hayes - Date: 2007-01-08 - Word Count: 665 Share This!

I don't know what came over me this holiday season, but for whatever reason, I had this overwhelming urge to start cutting the fat from my business.

It was starting to look like an over-stuffed turkey and although you might think, "Is that really such a bad thing?" -- it is if the stuffing has little flavor or nutritional value.

There was too much going on both in my business and in my head.

I decided to make some lifestyle and business-style decisions before January 1st. This was too important to wait.

I made a list of all the things I should be doing consistently but wasn't, even though I knew they produced terrific results.

I made a list of the things I shouldn't be doing, but was. 

Although I have a mastermind group and a good support system, I set out to find a new mentor and coach who has already achieved the level of success I'm aiming for.

And, I made a list of the relationships that do not contribute to my life or business in a meaningful way.

Then this is what I did ...

Once I had my list of what I knew worked, but wasn't doing, I swore a solemn vow I would begin doing those things that very moment, and every day from that moment forward. 

The result? I'm writing one article a day again. Meditating every morning. Writing out my goals every morning before beginning work, then reading them aloud, and spending several minutes each day focused on my vision board. 

I'm also taking fish oil. It stinks and the capsule is the size of a small frog, BUT ... it's great for my skin and brain.

I made a list of revenue generating tasks I must complete every day and do not leave my chair until I've fulfilled my commitment.

I go to bed one hour early every night and spend that hour listening to recordings made by my new coach.

I cut my TV viewing time down from four hours a week to two.

I cleaned out my inbox and unsubscribed from a host of newsletter subscriptions. I deleted more than 90 percent of the unread messages I was planning to read some day. (I could start reading them today and still not be done by the turn of the decade.)

I withdrew from commitments that were taking me away from revenue-generating tasks.

I cancelled a trip I really didn't want to go on.

I made a decision to terminate two friendships that weren't really friendships but people showing up at my door because they knew they could always count on me to get things done for them.

I researched and sampled a variety of coaching programs and found a good fit. After sampling three preview calls, I made the decision and the investment.

And what has all this "trimming" done for me?

Well, I'm happy to report business is looking a lot leaner and cleaner like it used to and my days are much more productive and focused. 

I'm more energized and clear headed and my bottom line is reflecting the positive changes after only a few short weeks.

Some people like to wait for New Years to set new goals or make important changes, but I'd like to suggest ANYTIME is the right time to do what you have to do to improve your situation.

If things don't feel quite right, if you aren't happy with results, if you know things could be better, there's no time like the present to pull out the magnifying glass and take a good hard look at what's going on.

Sometimes you just have to say, "This isn't good enough." Then set out to make it better.

This week I encourage you to decide what you want. Give yourself permission to go after it. And then, make it happen. 

Trim the fat and enjoy a leaner, cleaner business and a lighter, happier you.

2006 Laurie Hayes - The HBB Source

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