Limo Rental Shows Dorky Thirteen Year Old He is Special

by Troy J Childers - Date: 2010-09-21 - Word Count: 550 Share This!

I am, like, the dorkiest kid in school. No seriously-- the dorkiest. I have glasses that are so thick, if I hold them wrong, I might set the whole cafeteria on fire and take the track field and gym along with it. Hey, that is not a bad idea, but I think I am getting off the subject.

What makes me even dorkier is that I am the color of milk, measure only five feet and weigh eighty-seven pounds. Oh, and I live in Los Angeles. Otherwise known as, "The Land of the Beautiful."

I am thirteen and already in the tenth grade. I am the first in my class. Like I said, Dorksville.

Suffice it to say that I have only two friends, who are almost as dorky as I am. Well, three friends but my third friend is ninety-two years old. He lives next door to me.

When my birthday rolls around, I don't usually have any parties. It would be too embarrassing to invite people who would dunk me in the toilet as a thank you. The last time I had a party was in the fourth grade. Don't even ask me to reminisce about it.

My parents worry about me and when they thought I wasn't listening, they were talking about my upcoming birthday and how they wanted to make it special for me.

Actually, I have to give my parents credit. They hit on a great idea. They decided to rent a limo.

Okay, it sounds cliché. This is LA after all. But my parents aren't your typical Hollywood types. They just thought I would get a kick out of a party in a limo. The theme of the night would be mad scientist. So à-propos.

I figured everyone would want to come to my party, but then my parents placed a condition on the whole deal. I could only invite my real friends.

That means two dorks and a geezer.

Then I got to thinking. My parents had a point. Why would I want to invite a whole bunch of kids who hated my guts to share my limo ride? I mean, that is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, unless you are, like, a Hollywood star. It would be a special night to enjoy my true friends, the people who like me for me, not because my parents rented a limo for the night.

Besides, the jocks would not get the mad scientist references, so what is the fun in that?

I invited my friends, and we took the town by storm. Our favorite activity was to have the limo park beside a trendy club. We would wait a few minutes, hiding behind the darkness of the tinted glass, for all the beautiful people to wonder who was inside. Once we had a significant amount of curiosity from the crowd, we'd pop out of the door as if we were expected. Glasses, lab coats and all. The groans that would come from the crowds were hilarious.

However, perhaps it was because we were scientists all night, I made a special discovery.

My life changed after that limo ride. No one at school looked at me any differently, but I looked at myself a whole new way. My parents' gift made me see I was a star in my own right. That's cool. Oh, and watch out. My glasses are lethal.

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