How To Select A Genuine Louis Vuitton Handbag

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One of the world's most highly valued brands is the Louis Vuitton brand and the popular LV monogram. After AT&T and before HSBC, LV is the twenty-ninth most highly valued brand. Unfortunately, counterfeiters have taken advantage of the popularity of this brand to fake most of the items from Louis Vuitton; especially accessories and handbags. Louis Vuitton handbag and other items are one of the most faked brands in the fashion world.

It may amaze you to know that only a little part of the items having LV initials in the fashion markets are genuine LV items. Despite the effort made by LV Company to intervene on the counterfeiting of their products by bringing in the signature monogram canvas; the efforts seem not to have significantly prevailed. However, if you are a savvy user of LV products, you can manage to tell when you are presented with a fake LV product. This is why it is highly recommended that purchase of Louis Vuitton's products be made directly from their stores spread internationally or from a confirmed authorized dealer.

One of the easily faked LV products is the handbags. Virtually every woman in the world dreams of owning Louis Vuitton handbag; of course, who doesn't want to be seen and associated with a symbol that speaks volume of sophistication and hip style. The handbags from LV brands has come a long way down the years and therefore speak volume of best quality fabrics, designs and features. The popularity of the handbags from LV has led to a lot of imitation by other fashion companies. You really need to ascertain that what you are paying for is nothing but the genuine LV handbag.

Now, for you not to be deceived; you need to pay attention to certain specificities of the LV handbag such as stated below.

Louis Vuitton has never compromised the quality of the materials for any of their products; you therefore have to pay attention to the quality of the handbag offered to you as LV brand. Beside the material's quality, you also need to ascertain quality of the workmanship reflected on the item. Perfect tan leather trim of the finest oxidizing leather and metal trims of best quality with perfect finishing is typical of LV handbags and leather accessories.

Another thing you should be on the look out for when purchasing a Louis Vuitton handbag is the inner marking. Ensure that the bag is marked appropriately with the minutest detail on the inside; this has to be with the leather tab having the style number on it.

Also, LV bags are usually fashioned from single continuous piece of fabric so that on one side, the LV's will be seen upside down. Perhaps you notice that all the LV's are placed straight up; then you are certainly holding a counterfeited bag. You should endeavor to find if an online LV dealer is really authorized by Louis Vuitton before making your purchase of a Louis Vuitton handbag. is a renowned authorized online LV products dealer.

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