Digital Camera Battery - a Major Source of Power Supply

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To capture some precious moment of life, digital camera is the best option as it gives wonderful photography experience to the users. Great quality picture and videos can be captured by the help of digital camera. Some of the added advantages and benefit that is provided in the digital camera that we do not find in a standard 35mm SLR camera include auto timer, forward and rewind options and the zooming option. To have perfection in photography with such advantageous digital camera it should also be equipped with qualitative range of accessories that will ensure enhanced performance from the camera. Among all the accessories of the digital camera, battery is the most important accessory that supplies power to the camera in order to capture amazing pictures and videos. Use of highly efficient and robust battery will ensure that the device consumes less power and it is able to provide the back-up for longer period of time.   

In digital cameras there are generally two types of battery that are used. Standard AA-size cell and the rechargeable battery are the major types of battery used with digital cameras. Both types have certain advantages and disadvantages and it is up to the user to choose the right battery for their digital cameras. Standard AA-size battery is generally used in case of emergency due to its very short life. It is used in the situation when the rechargeable battery gets discharged during the long journey or some other similar situation. Other type of battery that is used with digital camera is rechargeable battery, which can be easily recharged whenever the battery get discharged. Rechargeable battery is also called as the proprietary camera cell.

Rechargeable battery is more expensive as it is available in compact size and has longer life. Mixture used in the rechargeable battery is Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH), which is also better and safe for the environment. Taking important care of battery is quite vital in digital camera as it is the most important accessory of the digital camera. Battery of the camera should never be allowed to touch the metal objects such as coins etc. as this can cause short circuit or can discharge the battery also. The most important thing is one should use the right kind of battery and should always clean the battery component and should always remove the battery when camera is not in use. Digital camera batteries are provided by some leading companies such as Benq, Canon, Casio, Konica, Olympus, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony and Toshiba.

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