Create A Comfortable Oasis In Your Home With A Stylish Bathroom Vanity

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Some people think bathrooms just need the bare essentials- a toilet, sink, and shower. This could not be farther from the truth! While bare essentials are fine for bathrooms at Boy Scout camp, in your home you need furniture that will add charm and warmth to the porcelain and tile of your room. This room will be your first and last stop of everyday, so indulge yourself by mixing a little prettiness with that practicality. Guests often make judgments on how you care for your house based on how you care for your bathroom, so be sure you blow them away.

- Single Vanities

Single vanities are ideal additions for smaller bathrooms, such as half-baths or powder rooms. The appearance of these rooms is critical, since guests typically use these smaller bathrooms. With the widest range of styles and sizes, which can fit any person's taste or budget, single vanities are the best way to bring new life to your bathroom.

- Corner Vanities

For a classy space-saver, invest in a corner vanity. Typically housing a single sink, these compact cabinets fit snugly in a corner, opening up more floor space in your bathroom. Corner vanities usually provide a cabinet for storage space, and are available in a variety of styles.

- Double Vanities

For twice as much style, not to mention twice as much room, refresh your bathroom with a double vanity. Double vanities have two sinks, giving you and your companion your own personal space in which you can take care of your needs before retiring to bed or beginning a new day.

- Assorted Styles

Vanities come in an assortment of styles. From the classic, antique-style vanity with ornate woodworking and a tri-fold mirror, to the ultra-modern washstand with a sink resting on top of the counter instead of set into the cabinet, the perfect style for you is available and waiting for you to make it yours. Most vanities come with a smooth polished granite countertop, giving your room an air of luxury, and giving you the luxury of easy cleaning. Some come with a matching mirror, while others give you the flexibility to pair it with a complementary mirror of your choice. Similarly, some have a faucet already installed, while others allow you to personalize the furniture by choosing your own style of faucet. All of the vanities come with style and functionality, guaranteeing you will love it, and your guests will, too.

- Purchasing Considerations

When shopping for your vanity, there are several things to keep in mind. Primarily, be sure you measure your available space in order to find a perfect fit for your bathroom. Most vanities have cabinets, so be sure to allow for ample room to open the cabinet without banging your knees. In addition to size, be mindful of the assembly requirements. Some vanities come with both mirrors and faucets, while others have one or the other, and some have neither. Above all, be sure you find a perfect fit now to avoid any discomfort or hassle later, since your vanity will be a part of your daily routine for years to come.

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