Sarah Palin And Her Threat Of War With Russia

by Common Sense - Date: 2008-09-19 - Word Count: 414 Share This!

What gives Sarah Palin the right to threaten the second largest country in the world on national television, this is incredibly irresponsible and a boarder line threat to national security. The arrogance of anyone who thinks I could give a rats bottom about a tiny little providence that used to belong to Russia anyway, is simply looking for a fight as if we didn't have enough of those already.

It is impossible to run around swatting all the mosquitoes in the neighborhood, and the only defense is in a strong can of OFF or personal defense of strength. This is my America too and I do not want to run around the world killing people in the name of god or self rightessness.

What has this country come too when a lady who is the Republican parties soccer mom slash party girl is being jostled into a position to actually run this country in the event of McCains demise.

By throwing this cheerleader in front of our country and presenting her as the best that they can offer is a disgrace to both the party and to women. She simply is not qualified to run this country as the first debate with Charles Gibson clearly suggested as she was not even aware of what the Bush Doctrine was. Its not so bad that she did not know what it was, but it was simply too average of a response to try and pass as if she did. That is simply misleading and too common place for a person whom is supposed to hold the second highest title in America if not the world.

Being driven by the lord in the War on Irac, I'm afraid this lady is a zealot who could run out of control as most zealots do, taking down America in the process.

The republican party has set themselves up in a situation that now far passes any fundamental views that clash between parties. Nominating the oldest person ever to run for president then offsetting that with the most inexperienced vice president candidate has put them in a position of laughing stock to at least half of America. This situation is no longer a party fight for conservatives or liberals; this is now a fight for the sanity and credibility of our country. I just hope that republicans can swallow their pride as their own party leaders have drastically let them down, and not vote for this act of desperate insanity.

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