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While it is true that hosting a web conference is not a major challenge, the technology has to be understood for successful deployment. As with any software that does not enjoy widespread use, new customers are often wary. Below are commonly asked questions which address the concerns many potential users of web conference may have:

1. What exactly is a web conference? This is the ability to host a live meeting via the Internet. It offers real time discussions online often involving people from various locations, sometimes the audience is spread across continents.

2. What features do I get? For the most part, basic features are the same across the board regardless of provider. These include live chat, webcam viewing and PowerPoint presentations. The differences arise with issues like guaranteed number of attendance, audio and video quality, image sharpness and speed of data transmission. Some meeting software can even be used for remote desktop and screen sharing.

3. Is it safe to use? This is a perfectly understandable concern as many operating system vulnerabilities are exposed by going online. With web conferencing, this is no different since despite the best efforts, unauthorized persons can sometimes enter a meeting. This kind of intrusion is extremely rare. The majority of users can rest assured that their computer firewalls and internal network security settings offer adequate protection.

4. What does it cost? Utilizing technology has a cost, but web meeting software pays for itself due to the cost savings it generates. The web conference option chosen depends on a company's specific needs and its budget. With this in mind, many providers offer attractive options that are within the reach of even small businesses.

5. What equipments are needed? Access to the Internet is essential for the deployment of web meeting software. Other useful pieces of equipment include speakers, headphones and microphone and sometimes a web camera. Downloads are not always necessary, as there are hosted web conferencing options online. Many companies may choose to use appliances which eliminate monthly user fees.

It takes very little time to set up a web conference. Web meeting software is experiencing increased market awareness as more companies seek ways to cut costs. There is a wealth of information online about these products and the associated benefits.

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