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With the harsh climatic conditions that the city of Ann Arbor can have for most times of the year, temperature conditioning has gained immense significance. The indoor living spaces are almost fully temperature conditioned in most places of this city and now the trend is shifting toward storing belongings in temperature conditioned facilities too. These units are known as climate control storage units, and Ann Arbor is steadily gaining a reputation for it.

Some Climate Control Storage Units in Ann Arbor

Some of the big names in climate control storage in Ann Arbor are The Self Storage Specialists, Lockaway Storage, Climate Control Indoor Storage and Devon Self Storage among others. All these have multiple storage facilities through Michigan and other parts of the nation. Actually, it is quite easy to find climate control storage facilities in Ann Arbor nowadays, because the concept has really caught on in the state and many of these units are springing up on the main highway areas of the state.

You could easily find many more such units if you simply made a search on the Internet. This is a simpler way for you to find a unit that will suit your preference and your convenience because each of them have different features to offer and they also provide different kinds of facilities to their clients. The location is an important aspect when you are looking at any kind of self storage unit and in the case of climate control storage units, the location becomes all the more important. You could find out about such things by searching for these climate control storage units on the Internet and making sure that you have got the features you need.

Why Climate Control?

Some people still stick to the old methods of self storage. The cost matters in such decisions. However, there are several advantages of climate control storage that regular storage does not have. Especially in a place like Ann Arbor, where the climate can be detrimental to stored items, climate controlling becomes important.

A few of the materials that are popularly stored in climate controlled storage units in Ann Arbor are as follows:-

Furniture Items : These items can be affected by mold and mildew if there is moisture and low temperature inside the unit. Wood is also known to splinter under storage. However, maintaining the climate at the right temperature can help wooden items to last longer. Clothes : Just like furniture, clothes are also vulnerable to attacks from molds, mildew and fungi. Once again, storing the clothes at the right temperature helps. Metal Surfaces that have been painted : The metal surfaces of certain items that have been painted, including those of cars, can crack at hotter temperatures. Keeping these at a low temperature can help prolong the life of these kinds of surface. Paper : Sometimes important documents and books are stored. Controlling the temperature settings can prevent the paper from getting stained, losing color, becoming crumbly and weathering. Wines : Wines need to be stored at a proper temperature or they can lose their taste. Climate controlling decidedly helps in such cases. Meats and Other Foods : Until a few years ago, such perishable foods were not allowed in self storage at all. But now, with the presence of climate controlling, it is quite possible to store these foods. These are given subzero temperatures so that the meats can last longer. People who commercially deal with meats find a good solution to their storage needs with such climate controlled units that are easily available in most parts of the country nowadays.

Rules of Climate Controlled Storage Units in Ann Arbor

The rules of the climate controlled storage units are slightly different than those of the regular units. Because of the climate controlling, their charges are higher. Also, the access times will be restricted. You need to find out about these at the start.

There are various kinds of climate controlling that you can opt for, including cold storage and warm storage options. The choice will depend on what kind of items you are storing. The storage units will ask you in advance about what kind of storage you are looking at for your needs.

All the general rules apply. You cannot store any toxic, poisonous or illegal materials, whether it is climate controlled storage or otherwise. You will need to ask special permission to store things like valuables and there you might need to prove that the items are indeed yours.

Climate controlled storage has become popular in Ann Arbor, but you need to know what to look for and need to abide by their rules once you have chosen them. Also, make sure to book early, because storage is a popular requirement in this busy city.

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