Creating a mini Lead Nurturing System in Less than Thirty Six Hours

by Dan Cavalli - Date: 2007-02-20 - Word Count: 355 Share This!

Or, you might have a joint venture list that you have permission to use. It would be best to build up a Lead Nurturing System (or relationship) with the people on this list before you offer them anything to buy.

This system is all done the same way as all my other mini systems.

Step 1: Take an A4 sheet of paper and title it "Lead Nurturing Strategy."

Rule it with two horizontal lines, about one inch from the top and two vertical lines to form three equal columns. Title these columns:

Category, Specifics, How Often.

Step 2: Under Category, write out as many tools of contacting that you can think of (minimum of four) to contact prospects. Break each category up into five parts. For example, you may have a category "customer offers", so the five parts may be:

Questionnaires, Invitations, Surveys, Freebies, Bonuses.

Do this for each of the four categories. You will then have 20 ways of contacting. As for all of this process it requires concentration and focus.

Step 3: Under "Specifics", write four specifics for each of these 20. For example, if the sub category is questionnaires, your specifics may be:

What They Want, Opinions, Choices, Likes and Dislikes.

From the 20 sob categories you should have 80 specifics.

Step 4: Under "How Often", enter how often for each specific.

For example, next to questionnaires you could write once a month, twice a month, or any specific time you feel is enough.

The real secret is to have self generating strategies going out the door to generate leads, so automate your methods and systems to make sure you have this.

Realise that it will take a little effort. Frustration may set in after a while if you don't seem to be getting the "Know How". Don't give in. You are almost there and have nearly accomplished your task. You will be well rewarded once you have finished.

Remember, don't expect such a wonderful outcome without spending 100 - 200 hours completing a fully fledged business plan. It is a small price to pay for having a tool as effective as this.

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