Giving Your Kids A Job

by Obinna Heche - Date: 2007-05-31 - Word Count: 470 Share This!

If it is summer time or if your children have a break from school you might find yourself wanting to give them a job in your home business, whether it is to keep them busy, keep them out of trouble or to get them interested in your home business. No matter what the reason is for you wanting your children to be involved, there are many things that you should think about before you do this, to make sure that you are doing it for the right reasons and so that it does not backfire on you.

Right Reasons

Sometimes it is hard for us to think about why we want our kids to help us. If your children show no interest in your home business, you might feel bad about this and you might be tempted to force them to work for you so that they get interested. Remember that this is something that hardly ever works. If you are doing something that your children simply are not interested in, forcing them to work for you is going to backfire and you are going to find that the children are even less interested in it. It might be something that you have to let go.

On the other hand, if your children have shown an interest, asking them to work for you when they have free time might be a great way to teach them about responsibility. You have several options here if this is why you want them to work for you. First of all, you can use this time to teach them about money by giving them a paycheck. This should, of course, be dependant on the amount of time they put in at your home business and how well they perform the chores that you ask them to do.

No matter what, you should never give your kids something to do that will mess up the entire business. Remember that no matter how responsible your kids seem to be, they are still kids and because kids are going to be kids, things are going to happen that you might not have any control over. Give them small tasks and give them tasks that you can either do yourself very easily or that will not matter much if they do not get it done.

Do not tell your kids this because making them feel important is part of teaching them to be responsible. You want to be sure that they think they are a very integral part of the business, yet you want to make what they do less stress on you so that if something goes wrong with what they are supposed to be doing, they have not messed up a huge part of your business and you do not have to take it out on them.

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