Benefits Of A Walnut Creek Day Care Home

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Why should you consider a daycare home versus a daycare center? Daycare centers are great for relieving working mothers, but many believe that they are not the best environments for children.

Another option is the daycare home, which is similar to a daycare center but it is in the familiarity of a home environment that a child is more accustomed to. Daycare homes have fewer children than a daycare center, which enables more guided interaction with children their own age.

Daycare home providers are typically entrepreneurial mothers who have opened their home to run a daycare business in it. Children seem to be able to relax better with this option because it is more familiar to them.

A daycare home is an excellent alternative to a daycare center, but just like the choice of a daycare center, daycare homes should be chosen with care. Some home workers are not as qualified as daycare center workers, nor are homes always as oriented toward safety as centers.

Take time to visit and to ask questions - as many you need to feel comfortable making a good decision. For example: what is the ratio of employees to children? What is a typical group size? What are the qualifications of the employees? Is this center accredited? What is the employee turnover rate? What are the safety procedures?

Observe the children for an excellent indicator of the quality of child care. Do the children show respect to the caregiver? Are they generally happy? What is a typical schedule for the children?

Parents should be careful to choose a home through visiting the home and spending time speaking with the worker(s). It is particularly important to ask about and look for potential safety hazards such as toys that are easy to swallow.

Finally, be sure to seek out references of parents with children in the home since they will typically provide the most honest assessment.

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