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Animation competitions explore many hidden talents in the field of graphics and animations. Many talented artists do a lot of creative work but do not find a platform to expose their work. In events such as this, artists can show their exclusive creations in the form of animations. Basically animators are graphics artists, and they have unique creations that are different from others. Each artist has different thoughts, concept angles, characters, and graphics design. Obviously the animation movie of each artist is unique and interesting.

Competition programs
Animation competition programs are conducted by many organizations related to graphics and animation activities. Many advertisers and companies are involved in this business and want some talent from the animation field. They design competitions and invite animators to take part in the event. The advertisers offer attractive prizes and assistance in developing the participant's career. From the talent show they assess a few good creative people and offer jobs or assignments. The competition satisfies both of their needs. The open competition popularizes a few talented animators regionally or globally.

Preparation for competition
Animation is the rapid display of a sequence of images in 2-D or 3D images. To make a series of images you need a concept and story board. The concept is an abstract of the whole storyboard. The storyboard is a descriptive document that explains the steps of the progressing animation movie. You need to provide the layout, dimensions and frame structure of your animation movie. Before fixing the size and layout you have to study the entire movie once. You have to design graphics, elements, backgrounds, objects, color scheme, characters as required in the storyboard. The ambiance of the story must be kept in mind and in the storyboard. Accordingly you have to fix the lighting effects in the movie. An animator must have sense of screen play, direction, story writing, acting (expressions) etc. to make a good animation product. The knowledge of art principles helps a lot in making nice attractive animation stuff.

Sound, music and voice incorporation is a vital part of the animation movie. In any animation competition these are mandatory. Obviously the positive assessment of your animation work is increased by good sound quality and proper incorporation. Similarly the interface of the animation must be user-friendly and done correctly. These qualities add value to your animation material in the competition.

What to Animate
Based on your storyline and the concept of your animation movie, you have to animate Objects and Character as well. The objects are for example, trees, rivers, clouds, vehicles and road etc. Matching to the animation of shapes and object, you have to animate the characters such as humans, animals, cartoons etc. Your artwork or model positions have to be changed in order to create an illusion of movement.

Competition types
The animation competitions are more interesting in science (biology, physics, chemistry, geology, mathematic, geography etc.), fun shows, Alphabets study, Animals, Clothing, Computers and Technology, Creatures and Cartoons, Everything Else, Food and Drinks, Geography and History, Hobbies and Entertainment, Holidays, Jobs and People, Nature, Religious, Sports, Transportation, Web design Elements, web banners etc.

AniBoom conducts such competitions for animators to expose their excellent concepts and creativity. These competitions assess the creative quality and technical skill of the animators.

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