How To Face An Accusation Of Assault

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Assault is a very serious criminal charge... The consequences of both domestic violence and aggravated assaultcan can involve very serious punishment and imprisonment. However if you are accused in an assault case, you have the right to defense in a court of law and can hire a qualified attorney to fight your court case.

Many people get into legal trouble because they don't realize what assault is. Threatening someone during a heated argument can be defined legally as assault. Having some kind of bodily contact with a person without their consent can be technically considered to be an assault. Here are few things that you should keep in mind while facing accusation in an assault case:

 The only way to prove your are innocent is in a court of law. Even if you have been falsely accused, you will have to hire legal counsel and fight the case to prove your innocence.

 Hire a good criminal defense attorney who has a credible record in the court. Do a background check to find out if the person has fought such cases in the past and has expertise over such cases. A good Houston attorney will protect your rights

 Be honest with your attorney regarding the details of the case and the accusation. There should be no hidden truth between you and your attorney. Dishonesty with your attorney can harm the outcome of your case.

 Gather witnesses who can testify on your behalf to prove you innocent in the case. In cases of domestic violence, the testimony of a family member may serve as crucial evidence in court.

 Determine all evidence especially in an aggravated assault case and let your attorney know of any such evidence before it is altered.

 Domestic assault cases may result in divorce, so you will need to prepare your case with your attorney. Also things like child custody may be a result of such divorce and domestic violence cases.

 Know your rights while facing the police interrogation Intoxicated assault cases may call for rehabilitation in addition to fees and/or imprisonment and other punishment.

 Consult with your criminal defense attorney to find out the inconsistencies in the prosecution's case.

Facing an assault case especially ones relating to domestic violence can have serious consequences. A good Houston lawyer will protect your rights and help you in this time.

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