Is There An Alternative to Adsense On My Blog?

by George christodoulou - Date: 2007-04-10 - Word Count: 351 Share This!

Adsense is the lazy way to income. Everyone likes the fact that they take some code, throw it onto a web page and can enjoy an almost scientific income. I say scientific because it is measured with percentages and click CTR. One can easily predict the amount of income they will make with a certain amount of visitors.

Sadly, this income can be so tiny; it would not even cover the hosting of the site. With enough visitors, one expects to earn massive income but some people just don't have a need to click on links that lead away for the site with the answer to there problems or with info they where searching for. Many webmasters resort to tricking their visitors into clicking on ads by blending them with the comment area and the menu. This is misleading and deceitful.

Other ways of making money from your blog are by selling an affiliate product, selling your own product, and starting a list.

To sell affiliate products, join an affiliate program of a product related to the theme of your site. There are plenty of products available. Then you write a few articles about the product and post them on your blog. Finally, Send those articles to or whatever article directory you see fit.

To create your own product write an E-book of 20-100 pages, create a little splash page with bullets of the benefits, and place it on your site. The book should solve some major problem of your blogs audience. Then, write a few articles about it and send them to article directories.

To create a list, first you join some kind of mailing list management service or buy software. Then, place the code on your site and offer a free gift so people will join. Also, allow people to join if they buy your product so you can get two for one there.

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