The UFC's Purchase Of The WFA Is Great News For MMA Fight Fans

by Jon Murray - Date: 2007-01-26 - Word Count: 703 Share This!

I recently read that the Ultimate Fighting Championship has purchases the World Fighting Alliance. I think the (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is about to get a most welcomed shot in the arm, courtesy of the recent purchase. Let's hope that the UFC decides to keep some of the top tier fighters in the WFA stable.

The World Fighting Alliance is a relatively new operation which has gained some noteriety by signing some big name fighters. These fighters include Ricco Rodriguez, Quintin Jackson and Bas Rutten. What's worth noting about these fighters is that they've all had past success in the UFC or against UFC fighters..

Ricco Rodriguez is a former UFC heavyweight champion. Quintin Rampage Jackson fought and defeated Chuck Liddell in the Pride organization and not by submission as you might imagine. Rampage knocked Chuck (considered by many to be the best light heavyweight fighter in the world) out. Bas Rutten was an awesome fighter in his day and has recently had a comeback fight in which he looked extremely sharp.

The welterweight division of the UFC is in pretty good shape, by that I mean it's deep with talent. There is a great champion in George St Pierre, probably the best welterweight in the world and a long list of good contenders, starting with former welterweight champion, Matt Hughes all the way down to contenders Diego Sanchez, Matt Serra, Josh Koscheck and several others.

The light heavyweight division also isn't in bad shape with superstars, Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz who fight on December 30, 2006 as well as Forrest Griffin, Keith Jardine and Rashad Evans rounding out the top of the division. However, the WFA's Quintin Rampage Jackson would certainly be a welcome addition to the mix. A Rampage Jackson, Chuck Liddell rematch sometime in 2007 would likely be a huge draw due to the fact that Rampage TKO'd Chuck in their first meeting in the Japanese Pride organization. Even if a Rampage, Liddell rematch isn't in the cards, Rampage's style would make an excellent matchup with Tito Ortiz or Forrest Griffin.

It's the Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight division who is going to benefit most from the WFA fighters. Who wouldn't want to see Bas Rutten return and climb the UFC heavyweight ladder. Bas has always been a favourite of mine and if you've ever been to a live UFC show (which Bas has attended), you know that his fan base is still strong. I found this out at UFC 47 where Bas walked up and down each aisle in the Mandalay Bay Event Centre to the delight of the hard core fans present. I'd personally like to see Bas Rutten come back and knock Tim Silvia out. Not that there is anything wrong with Silvia, I just think his style makes for boring fights. I think that Bas superior standup and experience would have Tim Silvia wondering if he really is the heavyweight champion.

Or barring that, how about a rematch between Tim (The Mainiac) Silvia and Ricco (Suave) Rodriguez. The first time around Silvia knocked out Rodriguez basically with one punch. I'd personally like to see Ricco put a better game plan into motion and take Silvia out. Ricco has excellent submission skills and good ground and pound. He's also a large heavyweight (like Silvia). I really think Ricco got caught with a lucky punch the first time in, I'd like to see them do it again. Ricco holds victories over former and current UFC contenders including Jeff Monson, Paul Buentello and former heavyweight champions Andrei Arlovski and Randy Couture,

Yep, Bas Rutten, Ricco Rodriguez and Quintin Rampage Jackson will all by welcomed additions to the UFC. I hope that this is exactly what the UFC higher ups were thinking when they purchased the World Fighting Alliance. I certainly hope this wasn't just meant to keep their almost monopoly position in high profile Mixed Martial Arts in North America.

I really hope that the UFC (do you hear me Dana White?) can put some of these cards together for 2007. I doubt that I'm the only fan wanting to see this! Bring some of these fights to the fans and re-assemble the UFC heavyweight division. There are exciting heavyweight fights out there and now, they're within reach!

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