The 5 Keys To Customizing Your Brochures

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Are you sure you have really made a truly customized design for brochure printing? Remember, you really have to be sure about your layout before you send them to the brochure printing service. There is no turning back once the printing starts, so it is important to review your designs to see if you have covered the key aspects of customization.

To be sure, let me teach you the five key customization aspects of color brochures. Check to see if you have customized these elements for your brochure printing. This should help you determine if you really have made a color brochure that is uniquely customized as your own.

1. The folds - The folds are one of the main things that you can customize for your brochures. You didn't think that brochures came only in trifolds right? There are lots of other fold customizations that you can use for your brochure printing. Besides the trifold brochure, there are other types such as the gate fold brochure, the Z fold brochure, the French fold brochure, the accordion fold and many others. So ask yourself if you can try out something other than a trifold configuration. There are lots of benefits in customizing your brochure folds you know.

2. The overall layout - The next thing that you should check for customization is the basic overall layout. Most brochures will just have a paragraph format for each panel of the brochure. This is the standard, common and boring way to create your brochures which can be hardly called "customization". For a truly customized layout, you should be creative with your panel composition and try out other layout elements. Text boxes, vertical formats, shaped text blocks and other types of customization can help you add more personality and interest value to your custom brochures. That is why you should try to check if your overall layout is indeed customized to its fullest. You have plenty of creative options and you should try to see what is best for your color brochures.

3. The font style - Another key aspect for customizing brochures is the font style. If you used any old common font style found in your design software then you already failed in your brochure customization. It is always ideal to use something different and unique for the font style of your custom brochure. Custom fonts add more personality and identity to a custom brochure, helping develop a coherent theme. So try to always get a new and interesting looking font for your custom brochures. Believe me, it will do a lot in customizing the design.

4. The color theme - Of course, you should know that the color theme is a big aspect of customization. Plain white color brochures will not really do much. So if your designs for brochure printing use a plain white background, you might want to rethink it. Try to test out different color themes that support your content and your project or business image. Use brighter colors for advertising, and tamer ones for public relation business brochures. This is an important part of brochure printing customization so never, ever pass this off.

5. Headline or Title - Finally, the most important key customized feature that you should always focus on in brochure printing is the headline or title. The headline is basically the label of the brochure, and it is how your content is initially introduced to readers. It is always important that you compose something unique, exciting and effective for your headlines to make sure that the readers get engaged with your brochures. So if you did not really think and customize your headlines well enough, try to go back and give some careful thought into them. Hire a writer if you must. This is one of the biggest aspects of brochure printing that you will have to customize effectively.

So those are the five key elements in customizing your brochures. Make sure that you have thought of all these five elements carefully, and have tweaked them to your own customized specifications.

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