It's Time For Movies To Take A Back Seat

by Shivani Garg - Date: 2006-12-05 - Word Count: 298 Share This!

Standing in the long queue waiting for your turn to get movie tickets and all you are thinking about is:

Movie ticket - 10$

Popcorn - 3$

Soda - 2$

Parking - 2$

All that for a family - 45$

Ending up wasting 2 hours watching the most rotten movie ever - priceless…!!!!

All you have to do to avoid this is to say no to movies…… of course I'm not going to bombard LA for that. What I mean is say no to movies in a cinema. Just because a friend told you that a particular movie is nice, you don't have to go shell out your weekly allowance in just two hours without even enjoying the outing…. Thousands, rather millions of people all around the world do this over and over again. Movies tend to be boring at times. Noisy people, uncomfortable chairs, expensive snacks and to top it all, a movie which is not at all worth the effort and time.

To tackle all this, watch a movie on television or just rent one out. It is a lot cheaper than going to the theater. And obviously the comfort of your own couch, the facility to adjust the volume and the bathroom breaks too during the commercials add to the charm of watching a movie on the idiot box. You may just find out that the idiot box is not idiotic anymore. It saves you a lot of time and energy.

Another reason not to watch movies is that there are loads of interesting and exciting things to do with your time and money than just sit in the dark. You could try something outdoors if the weather permits or enjoy quality time with your family playing monopoly.

So hop on to the couch, switch on the TV and control not just your expenses but also the content that you watch.

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