Andra Rush And The Women In Trucking Industry

by Armil F. Velos - Date: 2010-10-15 - Word Count: 520 Share This!

Trucks are for men but the stereotyping can be defied nonetheless. The masculine appeal of a truck is not a misnomer but a rather subconscious factor. It also shows that in the trucking industry, sexism is not anymore the norm, or perhaps, is slowly diminishing.

Women are not to be taken lightly in an industry that for many years, men have dominated and will continue to do so. However, in the case of entrepreneurship, willpower and libertarianism, the one-gender role in the industry can be imparted without disdain. True, the balancing of roles have become increasingly prominent and as a respect for women, getting recourse in the trucking industry can even be gotten among them who belong to an organization that empowers the female species in the trucking industry.

In the aspect of business and entrepreneurship, a woman has stood up, has broken the norm, and is constantly defying the gender qualification as a trucker or, in a more appropriate way, as the woman owner of $400 million dollar trucking business. Andra Rush has beaten the odds of being a trucker and a logistic entrepreneur of a North American business. The 'business is me' as she said upon continually interrogated whenever a client or a stranger approached regarding the ownership of the trucking business she has steadily improved over the years.

And with a revenue reaching to hundreds in millions of dollars, where in 2009 has reached 370 million dollars in revenue for her auto-parts business, the stigma has never been existent. This goes to show that there is no gender that any business is classified to dominate. The sheer determination and passion beyond any obstacles are among the factors leading to a continuous success in this kind of business.

Andra Rush as featured in Reader's Digest on its business section of March 2010 edition, is a strong woman in an industry affected by the 2008 recession. Her determination has brought her the momentum to grow a business from her 23-year-old novitiate experience in trucking ownership to the 25 years of trucking operation.

Apart from Andra Rush who has led a business to empower a Native American tribe she belongs in out from poverty, there is an organization that uplifts the role of women in the trucking industry. Known officially as the 'Women in Trucking", this organization has been founded to provide encouragement in employment among the women in the trucking industry.

Women in Trucking site has not been created for delivering opportunities in the industry solely for women. It balances the act by integrating men in its cluster. But the non-profit organization is geared to providing women determined to belong in the trucking industry with the right opportunities for success.

With the state of recovery in the trucking industry, opportunities abound on a great scale, attracting not only men but also the female counterpart who would like to pursue a career in a trucking business.

Gender qualification can be defied and bent. This compels discouragement for discrimination in an industry that is not just powered by trucking machines but also by individuals with great minds, leadership, passion and determination regardless of gender.

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