Relationship Building - Keys to Lifelong Online Income

by Gordon Lee - Date: 2006-12-03 - Word Count: 482 Share This!

One of the biggest misconceptions that people have about working in an online business, is that they seem to think that they will not have to face their customers, much less have to talk to them. This is not the case at all. If you are planning to own an online business simply because you won't have to face your customers or have to talk to anyone at all, you will never have success in your pursuits as a business owner.

Having a successful business online will require you to constantly work at building relationships with your customers, as well as business partners and associates. Think of your online business just like a traditional brick and mortar business in the way that you conduct your business relationships, with the added benefit of not having to deal with the usual office politics. Office politics is probably one of the biggest reasons you may want to build your online business.

Relationships are universal. To maintain a healthy happy life, you need relationships with other people, such as family and friends. In business, you need to build relationships with people that are vital to your businesses health and well being. This includes your online business as well.

Relationships With Business Partners and Associates

Just one business relationship that you create and build out of mutual trust could have the potential to make you rich. This is because, when two people come together and make the commitment to work together, it has the potential to be the best thing that ever happened to both of them. Strong working relationships must be forged and maintained with those you are working with.

Many an online marketer suddenly made it to the big time when a series of joint ventures with well known internet marketer gurus goes well. How did they get to work with these marketing icons? Well, they took the time to build a trusting and solid relationship with the well known marketers and this has in turn, led to their success.

Customer Relationships For Business Success

Customer relationships are also an important factor in making an online business a success. Unlike traditional brick and mortar customer relationships, you are not required to work face to face with your clients, but you must still make your presence felt. Keeping regular contact with clients through email or even postcard marketing can do wonders for making your presence felt and making your customers feel they are important to your business.

Autoresponders may be great time savers and automates your business fully. But do not look down on the human touch. I was once debating between purchasing two different software systems, so I emailed to both authors, requesting for information. One of them called me on my mobile! Guess who got the sale?

So work on relationship building as an internet marketer. This will separate you from the many and bring you satisfaction in the long run.

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