Mermaid Costumes - It's Time to Become Little Ariel!

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Ever since the Disney character Ariel came into the picture, mermaid costumes have become hugely popular Halloween costumes for girls. With an interesting get up of seashell bikini top, long flowing hair (preferably red in color) and glittery spangled costumes, they have become highly desirable for women participating in go-as-you-like parties.

Mermaid Costumes: What to Include?

Ariel is a licensed Disney character. Therefore, most mermaid costumes come in the same pattern and follow the standard, a blue bikini top and green skirt and tail. Since, Ariel is not shown to wear anything in between, many a mermaid costumes fill in with a flesh-colored body suit. A seashell tiara and red wig make the outfit even more authentic.


Women Mermaid Costumes

Mermaid costumes for adults are one of the most popular costumes for Halloween these days. Though transparent and watery shades of blue and green still rule the world, metallic gold and shades of silver are catching up interests. Youngsters in the lookout for something different would like the idea of wearing costumes in purple, red, and other lively colors. However, getting the perfect matching long reddish wig and seashell hair accessories are necessary as it provides the perfect touch to the costume.

Tail is Important in Mermaid Costumes!

Tail is an important aspect of a mermaid costume that completes it in real sense. To provide the desired look, some mermaid costume manufacturer trusts on tight skirt at the bottom, ending at the ankle. Others prefer a tail that drags behind.

Whatever you choose to wear, make sure it should be comfortable and you will feel no difficulty in walking. If you are choosing a mermaid costume for your little girl, you need to ensure that the costume does not hinder her in running. The Internet offers you hundred ways to get gorgeous mermaid costumes made in different styles and sizes.


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