Moving to Austin? Here's a Rundown on the Music Scene

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If you are moving to Austin, chances are you know about its music scene.

Austin's rich musical character dates back to the 1960's. That creative, tumultuous decade saw country music grow into popular music. Spearheaded by Willie Nelson's songs, Austin developed a reputation for fresh live music. Its numerous venues provided musicians of any stripe a chance to perform for excited audiences.

The Vulcan Gas Company was one of the first clubs to feature a broad range of music. The 13th Floor Elevators, Winter Brothers, and Shiva's headband headlined the venue in the early days. As time passed and Austin's reputation grew, bigger, more established performers arrived. Bruce Springsteen and Bette Midler played there, along with a host of other musicians.

Austin was not just a city that enjoyed listening to music. Music, and the people that played it, became part of the cultural fabric. The city is still known as supportive and enthusiastic toward young musicians. The variety of venues, coupled with the receptive population, make Austin an ideal place for emerging musicians.

Clifford Atone was a major influence during this fledgling period. He founded Antone's Lunch, a music club located on Austin's historic 6th Street. The late 70's and early 80's saw many soon-to-be famous acts perform. Stevie Ray Vaughn is perhaps the most notable. Musicians at the club also performed ska, country, blues, indie rock, and reggae.

Antone's Lunch was a formidable presence on 6th Street. It paved the way for many more venues, and set high standards for Austin's music scene. The 1990's were a period of industrial growth in Austin, forcing Antone's Lunch to close. But 6th Street survived. Today, hundreds of bars, clubs, and venues line the 6th Street entertainment district.

Its reputation as one of America's best music cities drew attention to Austin. PBS ran a television program called Austin City Limits, which demonstrated the city's many acts and venues. There are also a handful of reputable music festivals. South by Southwest is perhaps the largest, and solicits the most attention.

Austin is a city defined by its music. It is also one of the nation's fastest growing cities. It's economic strength is diverse. It has esteemed colleges and universities. And its population reports a collective satisfaction that rises from culture, natural beauty, and professional opportunity. A move to Austin is a move in the right direction. It is an embracing city, with tremendous potential.

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