Scuba Diving Thailand: Especially in Phuket

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One of the most diverse aquatic habitats are present in Thailand with over 300 main reef groups around an area of more than 4500 sq. miles. From submerged rocks and pinnacles to sheer walls and coral gardens, scuba diving Thailand has a lot to offer to the scuba divers with all levels of expertise and experience. Due to this diverse marine and diving environment, Thailand has attracted diving lovers from throughout the world due to which it has become one of the most popular destinations for scuba diving. Located on its western coast is the wonderful island of Phuket, covering an area of 300 sq. miles.

For the last three decades, Phuket has been catering to a huge number of visitors from almost every part of the world out of which a large percent is of scuba divers looking out to dive in some of the finest diving sites in Asia. Today, scuba diving Thailand has become on of the biggest businesses and the island of Phuket offers many great diving centres and services from leisure dives to advanced courses in diving.

Scuba Diving destinations in Phuket:

One of the best diving sites in Phuket is the Racha Islands located off Thailand's southern coast. The small island of Racha Noi provides some overwhelming underwater scenic views and has been renowned for encounters with manta ray and whale shark. King Cruiser Wrecks and Shark Point also attract a large number of scuba diving enthusiasts to try their hands on.

The water around and in the Ao Phang-Nga has been notable for their marine life profusion offering access to diverse marine and coral life unrivalled anywhere else in Phuket. Diving in the destinations such as Mergui Archipelago, Burma Banks and Similan islands can be an awe-inspiring experience for the fans of scuba diving Thailand. Ko Phi Phi Lae and Ko Phi Phi Don are the regions characterised for stunning topography, amazing cliffs of limestone, many hard coral gardens and excellent soft corals, sea whips, black coral and orange sea fans.

Why and when scuba diving in Phuket:

While scuba diving, the divers can frequently see whale sharks, large pelagic fishes, manta rays and silver tip sharks. With its vast variety of tropical fishes variety, the place has impressed even the most seasoned divers. Scuba diving Thailand can be done all year through but the best time is during October to June when the waters are calm and you can have the ultimate scuba diving experience.

It will be impossible to talk about scuba diving Thailand without mentioning Phuket. Undoubtedly, diving in this area is of a high standard and the place is a host of many excellent diving sites. In fact, Phuket has managed to develop an entire tourism industry due to its scuba diving attractions and today, a large number of scuba divers visit the place every year. There are endless diving opportunities in Thailand and the place has been listed in the top ten scuba diving sites.

It is not surprising why a large number of people get attracted towards the place due to its world-class scuba diving Thailand sites, crystal clear water and white clean sandy beaches. It is just the ideal place for the adventure lovers.

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