Blackjack - Advanced Strategies -using Advanced Techniques

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When you simply count cards you know the good cards are in the shoe. When you shuffle track you are hoping your skill puts the slug or A where you want it.
card counting is akin to factory line work, you put in the time you make money.
shuffle tracking/sequencing is akin to surgery, make a mistake and you could kill your patient that being your bankroll
Practice is the key as others have stated.
Do you think you need other techniques for camoflauge? Then of course they have more value.
I would check to see if the games you face are actually vulnerable to other techniques before expending the energy learning other techniques only to find you can't apply them based on conditions.
If expanding your game takes away from playing time, you may be better off playing unless again there are camo or other considerations.
Not if your bets are sized properly. Bankroll is bankroll, advantage is advantage, and standard deviation is standard deviation regardless of whether it comes from counting, tracking, holecarding or any other form of AP. Misjudging the location and concentration of high cards, and that awful horrible mistake of the dealer dealing all the naturals to himself instead of you  are all the same thing in terms of your standard deviation and your bets have to be sized with this in mind no matter what method you're using.
Being we don't know exactly what we're going to be seeing the dealers doing when we get to the casino, and we can't take our laptops out and recalculate (although I have done my share of shuffle analysis in parking lots) it's best to set up for a worst-case shuffle, and be pleasantly surprised when we see something better.
Luck will do the job. This is a 52% advantage we've got here when you get the ace on the first card, so you only have to be right once in a while to get a nice advantage. I'll settle for the ace falling on my big bet 1 out of 8 times. (2.35% edge)
The fun part about that is to the eye it takes a long time for 1 out of 8 to become statistically distinguishable from 1 out of 13. You'll probably be backed off only due to lifetime win, which is the best way.

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