Set of My Thoughts Dated 22.10.08

by Dalip Singh Wasan - Date: 2008-10-22 - Word Count: 535 Share This!

Set of my thoughts dated 22.10.08

1. People who do not sit idle are successful people and when they go out of this world, they have got no repentance. They are honoured by God and they are also awarded.
2. Allow your children to play and you should encourage that they are establishing friendship with other children and when they are establishing friendship, you should not stop them when they are establishing friendship with people who are poor.
3. Home is the best unit of society and we should be thankful to those elders who had established this unit and we must see that we are having very good relations with each member in this unit and must see and make it sure that all are going ahead and are making progress.
4. Try to keep your life partner hale and healthy and also one with you and see that at no stage the other partner is against you because this life partner is equal to one thousand enemies and you can win the battle against one thousand enemies, but this one member shall ruin your life and you would not be able to survive.
5. If you fail to look after your child, he shall be teaching a lesson to you and you would not be praying for rebirth on this earth.
6. We should not waste time in locating God because He shall not come on this earth just on our prayer. Our elders have already said that God does not take birth nor He dies and when this conclusion is there, we must believe and follow this conclusion and be satisfied with this final decision.
7. If you are a boss you shall have to accept that all others who are subordinate with you are actually members of your teach and if you still remain a boss and do not work as a member with them, you shall be a failure.
8. It is on record that people who could not get full meals had been living long and the people who had been having much to eat and they had been actually eating more than their capacity could not live long.
9. Woman is the best friend and people who could establish friendship with woman especially their wife had been living a long life and they went out of this world totally satisfied.
10. People who are running religious institutions are actually running these institutions just on commercial basis and they are earning and they are growing rich. They could bring the people on right path, that question is still unanswered.
11. No one can speak the truth because actually this man is in habit of creating stories and fictions.
12. If you do not take bribe and have got no lust for corruption, no one shall come to you to give you bribe.
13. Very few people could utilize bribe money for a good cause.
14. The child must attend school on each day because once he is left behind, he would not be able to make good that lesson.
15. All the people direct us towards the skies and they say us that God lives in the skies and when they say so, they are disbelieving that God is living in our heart.

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