Review Of The Stun Master 625,000 V Stun Gun

by Fabiola Castillo - Date: 2007-04-04 - Word Count: 301 Share This!

One of the coolest things I like about the NinjaCOPS website is their variety of products. They have everything from stun guns to pepper spray, butterfly knives to nunchaku, and key chains to flashlights.

Size matters to some people. In fact, the bigger it is, the badder it is. Right? Let us introduce to you the Stun Master 625,000 (SM-625) stun gun. This big daddy is one of several Stun Masters that measures bigger than the adult hand. It is definitely not meant for concealment.

The dimensions of this shocker are 7.5" long by 2.25" wide by 1.25" in thickness. This brick looking gadget puts out 625,000 volts. The Stun Master 625,000 V stun gun comes with a polyvinyl chloride carrying case with flap and a belt loop so that you can carry this weapon on your utility belt. The easy open flap makes the SM-625 easy to draw in time of need against some street punk.

The SM-625 runs on three 9-volt alkaline or rechargeable Ni-Cd battery and comes with a one-year limited warranty.

A nylon wrist strap is tied to the unit so that it does not fall out of your hands while you are jogging. The SM-625 stun gun contains a red on/off switch on side of the length of the device and a small trigger on the other side that when depressed will deliver the actual shock. The perpetrator will definitely be appalled! Pun intended.

The physiological effects of this product include:

1. some pain, muscular contraction, and shock when applied for second,

2. more muscular constractions and a dazed mental state when applied for 1-2 seconds,

3. and finally, loss of balance and muscle control, and absolute mental disorientation and confusion. He will be dazed and micturating in his pants by the time he hits the ground.

The SM-625 by Stun Master is now available.

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