"addiction To Big Government" Is It A Necessary Evil?

by Davy C Rockett - Date: 2007-04-02 - Word Count: 967 Share This!

I was deeply concerned this morning when I received my regular AFA (American Family Association) email newsletter that informs me of issues going on in the political and Christian world.
AFA reported that a left wing group ran an ad in NY Times on 3/8/06 entitled "These Religious Leaders Have A Serious Gambling Problem." reportedly accusing Dr. James Dobson of somehow being connected in Abramhoff scandal.

Now the Abramhoff scandal itself has made me wonder if "voting for the lesser of two evils" is the right approach as a Christian who is seeing more lack of integrity and honesty in both main parties in the U.S.
Whether Dobson or other religious leaders are involved in Abramhoff scandal or not, is irrelevant in this issue. Power and money corrupts most men. Men can be corrupted, religious or not.

The "Christian Right" is known for it's social conservatism in politics, and they let it be known, but I urge Christians to be fiscally conservative first, before being socially conservative and fiscally liberal. Why?

As I believe Abramhoff scandal shows, the real problem is "Big Government", and Christians need to war against it. In some cases "big government" has led to "big corruption."
Christians need to look to God instead of "the lesser evils" of both "big government" parties, in America.
Time and time again, both parties can't seem to solve or even get a hold of the problems in the U.S., despite all the money they spend and then some.

I believe there is a lack in traditional families values in America, not only from parent's who lack certain skills in teaching their children, but from leaders in our government, who have gluttonous spending habits and a lack of respect for our founding principles.
As government grows, certain responsibilities and rights guaranteed by our creator, become lost. People lose skills, (afforded by these rights) they once knew well and passed through the generations.
In essence, "big government" is just as harmful and debilitating as many of the social problems we have today, if not more of a threat.
The individual and family is far from being empowered with the cost of another social program that may not even necessarily provide any benefit. These abuses of power ultimately end up costing taxpayers billions, hampering production of strong families and individuals in our society. (People need to look at government waste as a plague to society with cost just as great or greater than lost production from drug use or tobacco smoking.)

Interferences, inefficiencies, and wasteful spending, resulting in big government, is probably the biggest threat that Americans face today.

Yes a tax credit favored by one party may help families somewhat rather than nothing, but how empowering is it really for the average individual, when a government spends to deficits, and generations to come will be paying for debts accrued today.

Christians must soon realize that governments cannot , will not, be able to cure or even stabilize social ills, no matter how many dollars you throw at it. (Romans 13 isn't giving right for government to take care of you from cradle to grave or your not so well off neighbor.)

Both parties grow further and further away from Christian principles, thus we hear the statement , " I'm voting for the lesser of the two evils".

My appeal to Christians rather than get into the rhetoric of both parties with "left and right" labels, is to focus on one goal in politics and that is "make government smaller and family's stronger." If individual's are not empowered first and foremost with certain God-given rights, in the laws of our land, then America will not survive. If we cut government by even a third will be empowering families by tenfold.

In this 60 plus year "era of addiction to big government" alot of us has grown up under, it seems impossible to handle life's problems without it.
I say, "All things are possible with God."

It's seems as if alot of government is "in the name of protecting children, or security," all good intentioned. It seems like big government would make us stronger, but it only weakens society. Think about it, we spend money from future generations and problems today are rarely solved, and left lingering on. Nothing is new under the sun.

Our forefathers gave us the right to protect ourselves for a reason, some things will always be, we must not forfeit or give up those rights and responsibilities solely to government.

Christians will have to learn to be more vigilant in protecting their own children and themselves. Christians will have to learn to say "NO" to government, even when government means to do well.

It may require you to pray a little longer. It may require living a life with a little less to help out a neighbor in need. It may require tough love with your children. It may require you to write your congressman endlessly, letting them know to make "spending limits and cuts" top priority.

Slowly, over time we will wean ourselves off of "big government", people will be empowered, and government officials won't grow and go crazy with power.

Ultimately, Christians need to set the example, I'm sure Dobson and other Christians realize this. I hope they can agree and begin to mold the parties to this action.
If the two parties won't give up their power, it maybe time to form a new party in America.

If we can get politicians to adopt less government, I truly believe society will immediately prosper and be more self-sufficient. Social ills will eventually become less, as individuals become empowered and more opportunities arise.
All this benefit, without 100,000 new social programs, new "raw" deals, or police officers, just cuts in spending." Where society lacks, good Christians and citizens will and should pick up the slack as instructed by our heavenly father.

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