How To Go From Dreary To Lively Drapes

by John Ca. Baker - Date: 2007-01-30 - Word Count: 505 Share This!

First, never overwhelm Is it getting to you staring day after day at the exact same windows that bring absolutely no life to your home?

We'd like to offer some tips that will help you choose and utilize your new window coverings with the makeover of your homes life.

yourself and start more that one room at a time. You'll be tempted to do this, more so if it's a new home that you're moving into, but you must resist. It takes way too much energy to decorate more than one room at time. As well, it will deplete your creativity, making your decorating style boring and not the least interesting. So take your time, and complete one room at a time, and then you can carry on to the next.

Next, you'll want to assess your needs. The best way to do this is with the old reliable pen and paper, just writing down some quick notes such as window sizes etc. A quick sketch will benefit as well. You'll want to see if the windows are odd in size, or have mismatched shapes and sizes compared to one another. Would you like less light in the room or more light? You'll be glad you know the answer to that when you're picking out your drapes. Do you have a view that you're not taking advantage of now? Do you get privacy at night or in the day for that matter? Is the room just plain dreary and you're looking to liven the place up? Go over it with you spouse and family members and consider everyone's opinion during this task. Just write everything down.

You'll likely need a little advice or assistance when starting such a project. In that case you can look through various home repair or decorating magazine to get some ideas on what you can do to enhance your homes appearance. They actually have books and magazines on the subject of window decorating so you'll have tons of inspiration there. As well don't forget about all of the websites, probably many more than you'll ever need. Don't go to crazy and get information overload or you'll likely end up doing nothing about your windows.

Now that you have you list of needs and wants, prioritize them in order of importance, and begin to devise a plan using your list in that very order. You'll get nowhere fast without a plan.

So that you're not overwhelmed by the task, or if you have restraints such as a budget, then take on the task in stages. You can begin with such things as the blinds, shades, and shutters in mind, and move onto such things as the curtains or drapes, and next finish with the rods and decorative hardware.

Now you are very much closer to getting rid of your old dreary windows and replacing them with new livelier ones that will enhance the entire appearance of your home. Enjoy the process and you'll likely be ready to take on the next home repair project with much more zeal.

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