Basic Table Manners For Restaurants

by Adrianna Noton - Date: 2010-05-25 - Word Count: 799 Share This!

As with all things in life, there is a right way and a wrong way to act even in restaurants. Often times we forget that in order to function properly in society we all need to obey and recognize those rules and guidelines which dictate how we treat others. This is especially true as you interact with the men and women who work in diners and other eateries. Now, when visiting Canada you must be aware of how their table etiquette differs from the etiquette you are accustomed to but overall good manners is a universal language.

We forget that proper table etiquette extends far beyond home. Just because your mother is no where to be seen does not mean that it is OK to throw all of her rules and your manners out of the window. For whatever reason many people do just this especially when going out to eat. One would think that being out in public would only make us want to act more civilized and more socially acceptable but this is just not the case.

So, let us review some basic table manners. One of the major points to remember is to never ever talk with your mouth full of food or drink. Not only is this going to cause a mess but it is also going to be absolutely revolting to your companions and even to the service staff. So do not ask for more drink with your mouth full of salad or bread, it is not only rude but disgusting as well.

Make sure to use your silverware and napkin when needed. They are not just placed there for decoration these items serve a purpose. For example, if you are enjoying a nice juicy prime rib do not tear into it with your fingers and certainly do not gnaw at it like a canine. Instead, use your knife and fork and the napkin as needed. You should be sure to use 'Please' and 'Thank yous' as needed. This should be especially true for any children in your dinner party.

Children are always welcomed in many restaurant and diners. While well behaved children are an absolute delight, those children who are loud, throw things, and are rude are simply tolerated. Do not let your children run the table this is just not acceptable. Would you allow your child to address you rudely so why let the child address the server rudely? Would your child ever throw things on your floor? Do not let the child do it out in public.

When it comes to tipping this is often the best place to practice proper etiquette. Now the universally acceptable amount is between 15 to 20 percent. Now, there are some circumstances where this amount can be less. If the server was exceedingly rude or if the item you ordered was burned, raw, under cook and any attempts of fixing this issue is done so in vain then you may want to tip less. In large parties, the gratuity may have already been added to the bill but if not you will want to tip more then 20 percent. Remember, you can always tip more should you feel the need to.

Now, there are several more outdated rules of etiquette that you may or may not choose to follow. An example is passing to the right. In a family style restaurant you will often see the older generation passing the salad bowl or basket of bread to the right. Often times, people will wait until everyone is served before eating. Many people choose to eat after prayer which is said after the meal is served but others simply wait. While this is polite it now depends on the company you keep if you should still follow this etiquette rule. If you are with familiar friends of the same age you probably will not have to wait until everyone has their plate.

Etiquette and manners are important to our modern society. Without which we will possibly cause the collapse of the civilized world. Proper behavior in restaurants is especially important and reflects well on you and those around you. Tourists are often the ones that forget their manners when visiting different countries. You may see out of town visitors and think to yourself that they are rude and vulgar but maybe they are just not aware of local customs. For example Canadians may find it unusual that Americans want their plates cleared away as their done instead of waiting until the end of the meal. So if you travel be aware of rituals, customs, and other points of manner that you may not be used to. Restaurants are a great place to go and relax for lunch or an evening meal but do not do it with some amount of decency and manners.

There are a variety of places that you can go to purchas your meal, you can choose to eat at home with your family and pets and pick up your food at a grocery store, or you can choose to eat out at a restaurant or fast food place.n
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