Boat Maintenance - Your Six Step Easy Cleaning Routine

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Keeping your boat looking great does not need a huge amount of time and effort, and it certainly doesn't require expensive cleaning products. If you do things in the correct order, then life becomes much easier. With some friends to help, you can get the job done in a few simple steps.

1) The Quick Clean

First, give the entire boat a very quick clean to remove surface dust and dirt. On the outside, this should be done by rinsing with plenty of water. You may need to be a little more careful inside, taking particular care of the electrics.

2) The Proper Wash

Clean all the main surfaces thoroughly using a general-purpose boat soap. Preparing surfaces for treatment is crucially important, that grime has to come off! If you find some stubborn stains, more powerful cleaning agents may be needed.

3) Repairing Any Damage

Hopefully you won't have too do this, but if anything has been damaged then now is the time to fix it. Cracks should be filled, scratches should be polished out, and any oxidation should be removed using an abrasive cleaning compound. Always use the least abrasive that will cope with the job.

4) Wax the Main Surface

Everything on your boat needs protection. The main surfaces will usually be waxed, which keeps dirt away, prevents oxidation and adds a beautiful shine. The wax you choose is to a certain extent personal preference. If you experiment by using several different waxes, you will soon discover that some are much easier to apply than others. Liquid wax requires considerably less effort, but harder waxes usually last a little bit longer. One of the keys to success is waxing on a regular basis. For this reason many people choose liquid wax, then maybe a tougher outer coating once a year before winter sets in.

5) Protective Coatings for Everything Else

Wood, metal and glass also benefits from a little care and attention. A few minutes spent using specialist cleaners and polishes makes a surprising difference to the overall look of your boat. If you try, you can make it shine!

6) Most Important of All

When your boat is completely dry, cover it before you leave. A good boat cover is by far the most important factor in keeping your boat looking its best. Preventing damage and decay is much easier than fixing it, so don't cut any corners here. Your cover must be in perfect condition, and it should be replaced every few years. The wrong cover can actually cause problems rather than solving them so be careful what you buy. If you are in any doubt, do some research and find out about the different types of cover that are available. There is an excellent web site at that can help with this.

If following these simple steps becomes part of a regular routine, your boat should stay happy and healthy for many years to come. Not only that, but when you come to sell it you will find that this careful maintenance has had a dramatic effect on the resale value.

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