Focus on the Positive

by Sjef van de Laak - Date: 2007-04-30 - Word Count: 401 Share This!

Take little steps

Everyone would agree, positive thoughts make you feel better than negative thoughts. Your thoughts influence your feelings and the Law of Attraction teaches us that positive thoughts attract more positive thoughts.

But maybe it is better to speak of focus.
I would say that it is impossible to have positive thoughts on a negative subject. So take away your focus from the negative and focus on something you like, something you would like to have, be or experience.

But still, in everyday life, that is not always easy.
Maybe times are hard for you because you have no job, no place to live or because the person you love left you.
And maybe all is going quite well but still your thoughts are occupied by a lot of little unimportant worries that you can not seem to get out of your head.

So, to what extend can we feel good today?
Thinking positive does not always mean you feel happy and sparkling and joyful. Under certain circumstances, expecting to feel that way would be asked too much.

But say we put human emotions on a scale from 1. to 10.
1. would be feelings of fear, depression and grief and 10. would be joy, happiness and love.

Suppose you felt like a number 3 waking up this morning, it would not be reasonable to expect that you change your way of thinking in such a manner that you feel like a 10 in no time.

But... there is always a thought to be found that is more positive than the one that makes you feel down. The only way to take your focus away from a negative subject is to focus on something else.
(Of course, it takes practicing and we will be discussing this many more times in this Newsletter).

The trick is to search for a thought that will make you feel a little bit better. Look for something that makes you smile, something that is around you, or something that happened in the past, or something that you would like to experience in the future, no matter what, as long as it makes you feel happy.
Focus on that and feel the change in your emotions.
So, if you feel like a 5, try to upgrade to a 6 or 7.

Work with this, take little steps, just try it a couple of times a day and see what happens.
sjef van de laak

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