My Three Year Plan To Nuke My Day Job!

by Bruce Alan - Date: 2007-07-02 - Word Count: 249 Share This!

Three years from now on 7/1/2010, I am going to NUKE my day job! This website is dedicated to that goal and to helping everyone else who wants be their own boss. Why 3 years? Because for one, I am a realist and I know this will not be easy. Heck, if I could only have to work part time that would be a victory. I also need more than ten or twenty thousand a year to quit that job so I think it will take all of three years.

This site will be a growing collection of articles, resources, recommendations, and tips to help us in our Internet adventure. Right now this site is geared more toward the person just starting out and will help them discover how to begin making money on the Internet. There are so many options and paths to choose that Internet marketing will be overwhelming to almost everyone who is just discovering it. I personally spent several months and well over 200 hours reading, surfing, and thinking before I jumped in and started making money.

There is so much to learn it is mind boggling. Most people give up before they get started. I don't want that to happen to you as I am convinced all it takes is perseverance and a creative mind. I know I can make it and I want to learn together with you . It is now time to help others and start that challenge of nuking my dayjob!

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Join me in my journey to Nuke My Day Job at All Newbies welcome

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