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If you have been in a committed relationship for a number of years then you may have felt that things between you and you're partner have become stale. Then here are a few ideas to keep the magic between you and your partner active and fun together for a long time.

As people get older maybe they have had kids and let their bodies get a bit out of shape and maybe feel a little run down then this guide is just for you. Re lighting the spark in a relationship is the best way to keep you alive and revitalised.

The first thing to do is to start to understand what each partner wants from a relationship. Women want romance and intimacy while men tend to long for the feeling of ecstasy and by knowing what each other require then improvements can be made within a relationship. Listed below are the things required to turn your relationship round.

(1) Women like to feel confident and to do this you need to build up their self esteem a woman needs to know that she is still attractive make sure you make the first move and tell her that she looks good in whatever she's wearing etc. This puts off the old comments does my bum look big in this which always is a woman fishing for a compliment but often getting a rebuke.

(2) Do not expect a woman to want sex every night, be understanding in your approach to your relationship and then you avoid feeling disappointed this is important as being so demanding will always be a major cause of relationship failure.

(3) Learn how to touch your woman don't go straight for the sexual areas be more subtle try to arouse slowly, most women enjoy being touched lovingly but not groped so finding the right balance is the important part I'm getting at here. Simply putting your arms around your lady is the best way to slowly build up intimacy.

(4) Most women love to be massaged it makes them feel special from just a simple hand rub or foot rub to a full back massage. Make sure that you don't press too hard and keep some conversation while doing so ask her if she enjoys it and remembers what makes her feel good and how relaxed she is.

(5) Women love spontaneity especially when it coupled with something romantic make a special night if you have kids make sure someone else is looking after them and plan a romantic evening use candles, slow music and make sure the air has a nice aroma to it.

(6) Always set your alarms a week early for the special day's birthdays and Valentine 's Day etc. Make sure that you are fully prepared so that you can get a special gift or order the important flowers in time. A good idea is to make your own poem card that always makes a lady feel special.

(7) It is the little things that mean the most by just doing the housework from time to time really makes a difference too just watch because when you see that your lady comes in and does not have to do something like the cleaning it really gives her a lift but don't expect anything in return you will get rewarded and that becomes your surprise.

(8) Being patient with your lady is critical to you being able to re spark the fire within your relationship. Making a commitment is the only way to raise the fire within her heart nothing happens overnight but steady succession will win the day.

(9) Communication is very important and the more you talk and gain ideas from her the more she will reward in the ways that matter to a man. Make sure you value her opinion get her involved in decision making especially decorating or travel activities.

(10) It is important that you spend a lot of effort looking good for your lady if the ages have piled on a few pounds then you needs to be able to lose these extra pounds. Looking good for your woman and feeling fit good and healthy she will want to spend more time with you and want to be more intimate with you. Accept your wife as she is, every one ages but communicate to her that she is a beautiful today as the first day I met her. Do the exercise things together if possible like walks and maybe swimming avoid the gym type activities people don't enjoy doing this together.

By consistently putting your lady first and showing a willing commitment to her and to improving yourself and being the best you can be for your age then you should have a very balanced and rewarding life with your partner. I wish you every success taking this advice and hope that your relationships work out. Being in love for a number of years is hard and requires both sides to show a degree of sense commitment. When you achieve this any women will be sharing your side of the bed more often and the nights will be warm and wonderful together.

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