Business, Are psychic readings useful to control crime?

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Psychic ability is related to intuition and the 6th sense. Since Psychic abilities cannot be proved scientifically for the lack of evidence, it is up to the discretion of the client whether to use psychic readings for controlling crime or not. Prior to this the genuineness of the psychic readings are questioned. Some may say that psychic readings are useful to control crime while some will opine negatively and there are still some who would like to make the best of the situation trying to take the maximum publicity out of it. Believe it or not, majority of the cases fall in this third category. Opinion 1: Psychic readings are useful to control crime. People with this opinion firmly believe that the extraordinary powers possessed by the psychics could be useful to control crime. Some may know a crime to be committed in the future with the help of the tarot cards, astrology, dream, crystal ball or even through the belongings of the culprit. Some of the psychics may reveal the facts about the victim which till then have remained a secret. Some of the psychics are very accurate while some very vague. The psychic readings of Nostradamus are famous not only in France but worldwide. Sometimes psychics help to unravel murder mysteries especially when the criminal is at large or the body of the victim is not available at all. Sometimes they help to find and release a child or a person who has been kidnapped. Opinion 2: Psychic readings are not useful to control crime. Most of the police officers consider the psychics to be imposters trying to gain publicity or make money from the situation. Some people believe that if a crime or any other act is destined to take place it will and no one can stop it because it is in the hand of God. In short they believe that destiny cannot be changed. They consider psychic readings to be just another way of earning money by fooling people with predictions of actions or things that are going to take place in the future or have occurred in the past. Some people say that the psychic readings are just a waste of time, money and energy. Opinion 3: Publicity Factor In most of the cases it is seen that the person with psychic ability puts forth so much information with so much permutations and combinations that one piece of information comes out to be exactly as what is revealed by the criminal investigators. The psychics then claim to be right but at the same time never reveal the other alternatives that they had mentioned. The usage of psychic readings to control crime is solely at the discretion of the police and investigating authorities who have to solve the case and backup their claims with concrete proofs.

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