Weight Lifting Programs - Why You Shouldn't Overdo It In The Gym

by Jon Cardozo - Date: 2008-04-29 - Word Count: 306 Share This!

You probably know that a certain level of intensity is needed in your weight lifting workouts in order to stimulate muscle growth, since muscle will only grow if you give it a reason to grow. Your body does not particularly like to build muscle because it is difficult to maintain. Thus, you have to force your body to build muscle by stimulating growth with heavy weights. However, did you know that it is also possible to train too intensely or to spend too much time in the gym?

In order to understand why it's possible, you have to remember that the actual growth of muscle occurs while you're at rest and not in the gym. When you lift weights, you are creating microscopic tears in the muscles themselves, and your body must rebuild your muscles bigger and stronger than before. In this way, your body adapts to the stress and will not be damaged by lifting the same amount of weight in the future. In addition to getting plenty of calories and protein in your diet, you must give your body sufficient rest so your muscles can rebuild. Because of this, many trainers recommend that you only work out about 3 hours or so each week.

If you think you can work out every day and rotate your exercises, you may be setting yourself up for injury later on. You must realize that your muscles are not the only body parts that need to rest after a difficult training session. The central nervous system and immune system also need to recover. Your whole body needs rest from training and plenty of sleep each day. Over training can put lots of strain on your joints, your immune system, and your endocrine system. Make sure to get enough rest or you will increase your chances of injury, exhaustion, or illness.

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