How to Read the Book of Mormon the Right Way - Understanding Mormonism

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An individual that is a Mormon will tell you that their church is a strong encouragement in their reading of their book of Mormon on a daily basis. Even though the Prophets support this it is not uncommon for a Mormon to get taken up with the other aspects of life and forget to read their book. They do not take away from the emphasis that the book of Mormon is what the truth of their church is based on and it is critical reading material. It is extremely an important that for a Mormon to make the reading of the book of Mormon a part of their daily life

A Mormon may question themselves when they are not fulfilling their reading task as to why it is such a difficult aspect for them to do. They may put it down to a lack of faith or perhaps not having any purpose and then there are those that maybe think that it is too boring or that there are other pressing matters. It can even come down to daily living superseding the requirement for reading the book.

There are things that the Mormon could do to help overcome these stumbling blocks.

They could read with purpose
If one is just reading the book for the sake of reading it then it's not going to have the effect or purpose it should have. Reading it should not be a chore and it should be something that is looked forward to. So when reading the book ideally one should ask themselves what is the purpose and what do they hope to achieve from this?

Bring the book of Mormon to life with media
With the new technology then it being able to use the media helps one to envision as part of the book of Mormon and it should be a source of encouragement.

Use the chart
Keeping track of your reading regime will be of great help as people like to see their achievements as they progress.

Make it a challenge
Quite often an individual likes to take great pleasure in meeting at challenge. If one is to challenge themselves to read the book of Mormon this is often encouragement in itself. It will encourage the drive to succeed. One can set milestones for themselves to read a certain amount that day perhaps a chapter or even set a time limit of a half an hour for example. It is important to create a daily challenge in order for one to continue and complete what they are hoping to gain.

Make it a point to want to read the book of Mormon as opposed to looking at it as a chore. The best way to do this is to pray for the desire to want to accomplish the reading as it is the doctrine of the church stands upon.

These are just some hints and suggestions to help the Mormon with their daily reading which is the cornerstone of their faith.

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