Make Low Cost International Calls With Call Back Services

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Call back is referred to those cases when the originator of a call is immediately called back as a response. It is commonly used in making low cost international calls. Gone are the days when you used to spend a pretty penny to get connected with your dear and near ones who live abroad. In a callback service, the calls are typically routed through a third country, usually the US where the call charges will be very low.

How Call Back Services Work?

The subscribers who wish to use the callback are given a specific number which should be dialed first to set off the call back facility. It is known as a Direct Dial-In or Direct Inbound Dialing (DID) number. The same DID number can be used for multiple subscribers as the call back service is capable of recognizing each subscriber's registered number.

A Cost Effective and Convenient Call Making Option

Call back facility offers the convenience of getting response call within seconds. Once the subscriber dials the number and hears the ringing tone, the subscriber can hang up and await the callback. When the customer gets the call back, he needs to pick up the phone and dial the required number. Most of the call back services are based in the US, which would mean that in effect, the subscribers would be calling from the US.

For instance, a call to London in the UK would require the international access code and country calling code to be followed by the subscriber code. In the North American Numbering Plan 011 is used as the international access code, though most countries use the 00 code as per the International Telecommunication Union's Recommendation E.164.

The cost of Call Back Service involves the charges of an inbound and an outgoing call at the same time.

Automated Services
Callback is normally automated through the use of web callback or mobile phone applications. However some countries have banned callback services as they eat into the revenue of telephone companies regulated by their government. However the low cost tag makes the Call Back options quite popular among the subscribers.

Call Back options serve as a vital communication link between people and in some cases it could well be the only way of making calls to each other. For instance to make a call from Israel to any Middle Eastern country, call Back is the only option available now. However with the advent of VoiP mobile services and Symbian Voip Applications, the subscribers have more options for making low cost international calls.

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