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Giving birth should be the most extraordinary moment in a women's life. After the age of 50 a women's fertility is near to an end, the possibility of having a child being reduced completely. Menopause is the phase when a women's period stops, as a normal change of the body. The confirmation of menopause is assured by at least 12 months of no period, not including pregnancy or illness. If it reaches the age of 45, a women's body makes less of the hormones estrogen and progesterone.

Getting close to that age, a women's body suffers a few changes that makes women ask themselves different questions. They start worrying about these questions and about a way of treatment. Doctors are able to prescribe treatment in cases when menopause causes discomfort.

The only common symptom is period stoppage, because every woman has different symptoms when it comes to menopause.

Some of these symptoms are: problems with sleeping, vaginal dryness, problems with memory or face hair growth.

A more and more often consequence of menopause is osteoporosis. Before menopause, a women's body makes more of the estrogen hormones that help strengthen the bones. During menopause bones get weaker and can break easily. That's the reason why such a high percentage of women over 50 years suffer of osteoporosis.

A treatment for menopause symptoms is not easily chosen. It's almost a rule for two women not to have the same symptoms during menopause. A healthy diet can not guarantee a life without problems and that's why a medical advice is necessary. We should also say that in most of the cases women do not need special treatment in menopause because their symptoms disappear before seeing a doctor.

For special cases of menopause, for complex symptoms, a treatment with hormones can be applied. Called hormone therapy, this treatment should not be used without a doctor's recommendation and care. This therapy is not recommended solely for treating bone diseases or memory loss, which are consequences of menopause.

Hormone therapy can be in the same time a positive or negative influence over the body. That's why for a hormone therapy women should talk to a specialist that can surely prescribe a treatment that will help them pass the period without unwanted side-effects.

Hormone therapy as we wrote before can have positive consequences like reducing bone weakness, treating vaginal dryness, improving sleep, but can also take to blood coagulation, breast cancer and even heart attacks.

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