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There are many window cleaning forums on the Internet these days and what a good place they are for finding any information about window cleaning you need.

Some forums specialise in Reach and Wash window cleaning, while others dedicate boards for traditional window cleaning and reach and wash window cleaning. When the traditional window cleaner decides that because of health and safety guidelines that it is time to change over to reach and wash type, then where better to gather all the information he needs. The window cleaning forums are full of newbies desperate to learn all they can before deciding which equipment they need and where to buy the best value for money window cleaning systems.

There is also Lot's of advice for the people who fancy putting the system together themselves, from making up a brush to installing a water tank in their van. They can also get information about the cheapest, the lightest, and the best value for money poles. Some forums even have dedicated FAQ boards where the window cleaner can browse through at his or her leisure. Last but not least is the second hand systems and equipment where you can buy a van already fitted with a full reach and wash system, right down to a simple connector to join your pole hose to your hose reel.

Registration is usually the only requirement before you can begin posting. Registering is not normally necessary for browsing previous posts.

The following examples of questions asked on one of the most popular forums are as follows....

Opening up a pole.... Can anyone tell me what section of the water fed pole you open first? I always start with the top ones but noticed that they flexed quite alarmingly. Would it be better to lift up the sections lower down the pole first? Haven't tried it yet hence my query.

Waste... I have just bought myself a Merlin system having used DI only since starting water fed pole in August. Only problem is my garden is flooded out at the moment with the waste water coming out. Any ideas where I could put it. Also is it normal for my van to take ages to fill up?

Help with water fed pole....Hi, I wonder if anyone can help? I am just starting out with water fed pole and I am getting streaks even on my own windows. Any advice would be appreciated?

These questions and many more are answered every day on the window cleaning forums.

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Peter Fogwill owner and administrator of the very popular window-tools forum welcomes you along anytime, here you will find out any answerer to any questions you may have about window cleaning. You will also be the first to know about any of Peter's inventions which include the very popular Autobrush and Clamp-less telescopic pole.Peter's forum can be found at the address

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