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Celebrity erotica writer Tilly Rivers recently invited me to her home for an interview to put to rest some of the rumors that have been circulating, both personal and in her career.

However, I love to do my own digging as well and place some of the juicy facts about the sexy blonde that are well hidden.

Tilly keeps her private and family life very hush-hush. Apparently Rivers has been stalked in the past by over zealous fans. "Stalking" is a pretty light phrase according to the police reports and Detective Katie Ling. The truth is she was attacked physically from a male suspect that will now be spending days behind bars.

One never really thinks about the other side when you are a celebrity you get caught up in the twinkle and fairy dust of being labeled 'famous".

Another unknown fact is that Tilly is known as "Mickie" by her closest family and friends. Her father a WW II vet died in 2004, of all days on Father's Day. She is often quoted as saying that her father is and was her life. To this day Tilly can not talk about her father without sadness lacing her eyes.

She wrote "Just the Way It Is' a poetry book that is laced with her pain. She told me it was never meant fro publishing but a way to help heal her pain of loss. The last poem in the book called "Fear" has won many awards.

Awards are nothing new for Rivers, one would never know, she is very humble about her writing career. She has penned five erotica books, contributed to a volume of various erotica writings, and has penned three poetry books. Of these erotica novels three out of the five are award winning best sellers, and her latest release "Wisteria Moon" is up for an award and we will discover the out come in March of this year.

When asked what was her greatest accomplishment she smiles "Rain Publishing Inc. I love all aspects of the organization, our staff is wonderful and our authors are exceptional."

The long term goals for RPI is turn some of the key titles into movies under the RPI banner, as well as branching out to animation.

While Tilly Rivers is Canadian, NY has adopted her as one of their own. When asked how she feels about people thinking she is from NY she laughs "I LOVE New York I appreciate being part of their extended family!"

More on this interview to come, personal tidbits and 'fun' secrets for the next segment.

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