Electricity Has a Wide Usage

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Electricity has a wide usage. Before a man discovered electrical energy many houses were using kerosene lamps for lighting, rooms were warmed by stoves where woods were burning.So elecricity has a great importance in our everyday lives. We use electricity for heating, lighting; our house devices couldn't work without electricity.

Electrical energy is produced in generating stations where huge turbines are by moved the generators. Then the electricity is transmitted by long distance power lines to the consumers. Turbines could be started by burning fossil fuels, by water, wind, nuclear fission, bio waste.

By burning fossil fuel: Coal, petroleum or natural gass heat water, thus making vapour.This vapour affects the blades of turbines making them to move and produce electricity. This method of producing electricity causes a lot of carbon dioxide to be released into air and atmosphere becomes polluted. Burning fossil fuel can be extremely dangerous because it can cause respiratory diseases and this becomes a global problem.This is the fact we must think about.

By water: Electricity can also be produced by using water from rivers or lakes. This water goes through water turbines making them to generate electricity. We must admitt this is very popular way of producing electricity because it doesn't pollute the enviroment. But what we have to emhasize, is the fact that it affects the enviroment in the rivers or lakes severely.

By wind: Wind energy is used for producing electricity as well. This energy is renewable energy source because no one can stop wind to blow, it is widely distributed and very clean.

Another way to produce electricity is nuclear fission . This is a chain reaction where Uranium atoms are being split apart. In this reaction energy of atoms change into heat energy which heat water to vapour. It moves turbines and generate electricity. When this reaction is not controlled you can have an atomic bomb and also it creates radioactive material which can hurt people if released.

By bio waste: Bio-waste includes burning food waste, garden waste, organic and industrial waste (papers, textiles...). This can reduce use of fossiile fuels, reduce pollution and gass emissions.

We have to think which method is the best to save our planet from pollution and to save people from diseases.

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