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by MICHAEL BRESCIANI - Date: 2007-05-25 - Word Count: 1136 Share This!

The "Marxism" America withstood at its front door for sixty years has donned a new costume and now hardly recognized is knocking on America's back door. Too late, he's already in the parlor.

The dull colors and drab workers attire of communistic style Marxism that seemed long since gone has returned incognito with a whole new colorful look. Looking through America's window of public education and long since invited in through Hollywood's door marked "anything goes," social Marxism is enjoying a revival of sorts only this time little suspicion has been aroused in anyone's mind. But, Oh the ticket price for this show!

Marxism is many things but at the heart it is the means of destroying or rendering impotent western culture, democracy and the Judeo-Christian faith. Its dismal failure in the former Soviet Union doesn't mean it's dead and gone. With bright and one could say almost "gay" clothing teetering somewhere between the casual attire of the liberal academic and the Hollywood make up artist's best clown, Marxism is making a full comeback debut.

In academia it made recent appearances at a High School in Boulder Colorado in May of 2007 where a UCLA professor told students that since they are going to have sex and take drugs they should do it responsibly. The notion of youth having indiscriminate sex and taking drugs all the while they are exercising responsibility can now take its place in the Guinness Book of World Records under the category of, "most unusual definitions of incongruity"

Hollywood and Academic Bozo types teamed up in Cook County Illinois where grandparents learned their 12 year old granddaughter was exposed along with her classmates to the viewing of R rated "Brokeback Mountain" a movie about homosexual cowhands. The lawsuit, said to be for about a half million dollars has most decent folks ruing the day tort reform laws were passed. To many Americans a half million dollars seems not nearly enough and should at least be accompanied by charges of child endangerment. Investigations are promised, no one as yet has been fired and the team of social Marxist clowns goes on to their next venue.

Washington's doors are opened to the show clowns although with more reticence being already haggard and worn from foreign wars and partisan battles at home. In semantic wrangling and suspect language house bills HR 1592 and S 1105 have danced and sung across the floor for the beleaguered congress to the tune of "They Gotta Stop Callin Me Names, Pa." Too tired from the constant knocking the congress endured the show and sent it on for viewing in the other theatres of the legislature. The show went on as it must and now the only hook left to pull this bad act of the stage is the Presidents veto.

Hollywood readily opens up to the newly dressed social Marxist performer as it does to all the new talent in town. And movies have been rolling off the production floors that have nothing at all to do with what more than three quarters of Americans really want to see.

It is becoming easier to ascribe to the theory that prior to World War Two Hollywood films only reflected how Americans lived. From D-Day to this day it would seem that Hollywood has edged up quickly from suggesting, to mandating how we should live with concomitant Hollywood style left and liberal activism to supplement. The gap between artistic license and licentiousness is closing rapidly and may soon be as obscure as the difference between the gourmet and the glutton.

It might be safe to say that most movie reviewers are themselves movie buffs and got into reviewing for that reason initially. Today there is a growing need to find good reviewers for very different reasons. The minds and hearts of an entire generation are being shaped by media influence and for those who care what shape that takes it is a necessity to defer to good reviewers as a part of normal child rearing. Our children may need the legislature to intervene when Hollywood skirts the edge of decency but in the mean time their faces are trained on see more, and not on C-Span.

So few movies are made that could pass the scrutiny of Christian or family values reviewers that it would seem choosing to become a Christian reviewer would be the very worst career choice in the nation. One movie review organization that absolutely holds the line is "Movieguide." Their stated goals are as follows. "Movieguide is a ministry dedicated to redeeming the values of the mass media according to biblical principles; by influencing entertainment industry executives and helping families make wise media choices."

Movieguide is not involved with "what's hot and what's not" but they can answer the question of "what's rot for your tot." They have taken flak for their sometimes controversial movie summaries and warnings but without doubt they do stand in the gap if you care about your kids.

Movieguide was founded by Ted Baehr a well lettered graduate of both Princeton and Dartmouth College. His own family consists of his Argentine born wife Lili and four children. Ted Baehr is perhaps over qualified for movie reviewing but it brings an unusually high level of confidence to his assessments of Hollywood fare that other guides can barely reach.

Almost no reviewers had anything good to say about the recent Hollywood offering of the movie titled "The Reaping." The movie is based on pestilence of biblical proportions affecting a small area in the state of Louisiana. Everything that Moses inflicted on Pharaoh from bugs to frogs is thrown at a few beleaguered and vacillating Christians. Although not timed with the removal of references to our Christian heritage at the founding of Jamestown and the refusal of the EU Parliamentarians to include references to their own Christian beginnings in the writing of their new constitution, it could be.

Hollywood should perhaps consider a movie entitled "Ole Moses ain't got No Frogs like John's Frogs." It could be based on the three demonic frogs the Apostle John described in the book of Revelation (Re. 16:13) that spring out of Satan's mouth and draw and effectively coerce all the armies of the world to gather 55 miles North of the City of Jerusalem in the Valley of Megiddo for the largest and worst final battle earth will ever see. Whoops, that's not a movie it's a prophetic promise of the events to come in the very near future. I guess that could be called a preview!

Rev Bresciani is a Christian author and a columnist for several online sites and magazines. His articles are now read in every country in the world. For articles and news from around the world visit "The Website for Insight"

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