Celebrities With Genital Herpes

by Eric Johnson - Date: 2007-10-18 - Word Count: 531 Share This!

Do you know some celebrities with genital herpes? Well, if you test every celebrity most of them would come up positive with HSV-1 (cold sores, lip sore). If celebrities with genital herpes (HSV-2) have them, being in the hot and controversial world of show business, of course nobody would like to admit the fact. It appears that genital herpes in some form is almost impossible to avoid especially that celebrities are revolving in a different world of glitz and glamour. However, there are gossips and news on the web talking about celebrities with genital herpes and some are photographed with sores on their lips that indicate cold sores that mostly affect more than 60 percent of US population.

Nobody is exempted to catch genital herpes virus. Celebrities may even be vulnerable to have one. Celebrities with genital herpes are those celebrities that are not so careful about heir sexual acts. Many had multiple sexual relationships, got married several times, swap wives and had engaged in risky sexual activities that jeopardized their health, causing them to have genital herpes. Others are rumored to have died with AIDS and other has early symptoms and diagnosed positive with HIV. The number of celebrities with genital herpes may be few or some, but nobody wants to get out of their shell to announce that they are one of more than 60 Million Americans to be infected with herpes simplex virus.

There are sports celebrities with genital herpes and some of them had their careers hanging and their former or ex lovers were suing them because they did not disclose their previous history of STD to their partners. They are more vulnerable to get infected because temptations come to them more often. Women come to them because they are popular showbiz or sports personalities and not only one or two but also lots of women and the tendency of having multiple sexual is obvious. It is also a fact that celebrities with genital herpes have financial capabilities to get the best treatment they can.

If you want to read stories, gossips, forums, columns and news about celebrities with genital herpes, you can go online and you will be faced with the list of names celebrities with genital herpes. There are roosters that include television, movie, sports stars and politicians, fashion and other celebrities that were rumored to have genital herpes. The facts may be true or not but it is a craze for fans to know about these gossips. These gossips cannot leak with hints from other people who are close to these celebrities with genital herpes.

Celebrity or no celebrity, having genital herpes is a total disaster. The pain and discomfort that everyone has is frustrating. Whether you are famous or ordinary, rich or poor, there?s no cure for genital herpes that you can buy out there. However, the treatment available can help you ease the pain, reduce the duration of the outbreak, prevent future outbreaks, but the virus will always be with you for the rest of your life. The celebrities with genital herpes may have the money to buy medication but nothing is better than prevention; that does not cost anything will give you peace of mind.

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