How to Choose the Right Gift For Your Bridal Party

by Stewart Wrighter - Date: 2010-11-15 - Word Count: 542 Share This!

Your wedding day will likely be shared with friends and family members who mean the world to you. A great way to thank them for participating in your wedding and supporting your relationship is to give them a thank you gift. Participating in a wedding, especially if you are more than just a guest, is a big commitment. Honor the time, money, and love they have given toward the wedding with something special. There are plenty of options when it comes to attendant's gifts, but if you really want something special, your choices are a bit more limited. If you believe your bridesmaids would enjoy a gift with a conscience, consider giving them sustainable products like handmade bags. Handcrafted gifts often have value beyond what you pay for them in dollars. Each of your favorite girls can have an item that is unique and special that also has done some good in the world.

Another option is to help them care for themselves. Giving spa gift certificates gives them an opportunity to pamper their bodies before or after the wedding. As a bride, you are feeling a great deal of stress, but your loved ones are probably experiencing a little bit as well. They are watching you change and experiencing the excitement and anxiety with you. If they can get away for a few hours and enjoy a massage or facial, it will help them be more supportive of you. It also shows them you care about them and believe they deserve to be taken care of and pampered for their efforts.

If you are asking your wedding party to travel in order to participate in your wedding, it may be putting a strain on their budget. While you may not be able to foot the bill for their participation entirely, you could help them offset their travel expenses a bit. Give them a hotel gift certificate if they need accommodations while in the area or hand over your frequent flyer miles to help with the cost of their flight. These gifts may not set you back to much, but they could save a bridesmaid a bundle.

Brides who want their ladies looking the same for photography purposes are asking a lot of the girls if they have to spend to achieve this look. Do what you can to outfit them the way you want so you are not cutting into their budget. You can provide them with jewelry that helps them achieve a cohesive look as bridesmaids, but that can also be worn following the wedding. This is a great way to give a gift that offers double the impact.

If your bridesmaids have kids, there are probably plenty of occasions when they are stuck at home. As a new bride, you may not be thinking about starting a family yet, so you may have a few hours to provide care for your bridesmaid's kids. This will give the ladies a chance to get out and enjoy some alone time or a date night with their spouse. It is also a cost-effective way to thank them for their help in your wedding. You can pair babysitting services with a traditional wedding attendant gift, or simply give the sitting services if you are on a budget.

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