How to Play a Few Psychic Related Games

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Free psychic reading for 5 mins can be done through various ways and is possible to be completed within a short span of time not exceeding 5 mins. Given below are some of the methods for free psychic reading for 5 mins.

Card Control

This is the easy free psychic reading for 5 mins. Have the subject remove 13 cards from a deck of cards. Secretly note the bottom card. Have subject remove any card as you fan them out. Square up the cards and have the subject place his card on the top of the squared cards. Have him cut the cards a few times. Blindfold yourself so you can see down if needed. Alternately you can have the subject cover your eyes with his right hand. With his other hand have him spread the cards across the table face up (this is the reason for only using 13 cards...the cards will spread further apart.) Have the spectator take hold of your wrist and hold your hand over the cards as you extend your forefinger. Proceed to find the card without peeking. If you fail, then peek. Yes you can see down, even with the spectator covering your eyes with one hand. Look for the key card. It will be to the left of the spectator's card.

Rolling the Dice

Rolling a dice is also an easy free psychic reading for 5 mins. One can roll a dice, note down the number and then roll it again. You come into the room and place the dice to the rolled number. This can be done a few ways. Probably the easiest would be to write out the numbers one through six on a pad. Once you find the correct thought of number on the pad, continue as if you are having a hard time. Ask them to touch your forehead instead. You then pick up the die, turn it around a few times, and finally place it on the table with the correct number face up with dramatic flair. A helpful hint here is not to use anyone who was involved with acting out the task. Rather, use someone that has observed the actions. This will save confusion if you have to place something in their pocket or have to involve them in the action in some way.

Book Tests

This method can also be considered as free psychic reading for 5 mins. In this method, someone removes a book from the shelf of books, opens it, and draws an imaginary line under any word on any page. They then place the book back on the shelf. You find the correct book and underline the correct word. You may find it easier to use various techniques here. Find the book. Use the number test to find the right page. Open to that page and find the correct word by moving your outstretched index finger around the page. Once you find the area that gives the most resistance, move your finger in smaller circles until you find the correct word. You could also move your finger down the page having the subject think "stop" at the correct line. Then move your finger across the line telling the subject to think "stop" when you come to the word.

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