Seized Car Auctions - Quick Tips you Need to Know

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Seized car auctions are one of the best things to happen to a car owner. If you are buying a car, want a good quality and branded model but cannot afford its price tag, such auctions can really save you tons of money. Buying seized or repossessed cars at seized car auctions requires some knowledge and this article will teach you some quick tips to finding the best deal.

Different cities and states hold seized car auctions weekly or monthly at various localities. They are also called public car auctions and are held by the government agencies. The whole intention is to quickly clear the inventory of vehicles that have been seized from law violators or even syndicates in shady businesses. You may also find older vehicles that are decommissioned by the government from service. So be on the alert for classified ads in the newspapers.

These are second hand vehicles but even though they are used, the condition of these seized cars may not be poor. A lot of them are in near-new condition especially when law breakers love flashy cars and are always driving the latest models. Some of these are even modified with sports rims, new engines, and so on. So if you manage to grab one at the seized car auctions, the discount you are getting can be as deep as 90% off the retail prices.

Before you go to any seized car auction, always arm yourself with information. Find out more about a variety of car models that you prefer and determine preferences such as the engine performance, 2-doors or 4-doors, colour and so on. Make sure you already have a rough idea of what you are looking for because decisions have to be made quickly. One important factor most people forget is to set a bid ceiling. Decide how much can you afford to bid.

At seized car auctions, you will be able to view the make and price tags. If you are not sure whether the car is worth the price tag it carries, ask the experts. So it makes sense to ask a friend who is experienced with cars to tag along with you. If you can afford to spend a little bit extra, get a qualified car auction expert to come along. Off hand, two important things you need to do are to check the VIN and the mileage of the cars you are bidding on. The reason I mentioned cars is because you need to have your first, second and third choices in case you lose a bid. Normally, the government gives you a grace period of 2 days to inspect the vehicle before bidding so make full use of this time.

When it comes to the real bidding, be realistic. If one of the models is too hot a favorite, you may be required to pay more. That is why you need to set a bid ceiling as mentioned earlier. Do not let your heart rule over your head when you see the sporty black BMW Z3 Roadster before you going for a bid higher than what you can afford. Always go with a friend who can stop you in time.

Follow these tips and you should be able to find your dream car successfully at seized car auctions. You can find out first-hand information on where the hottest car models and seized car auctions and get ahead of your competitors at my car blog.

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