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by SAM SILVERMAN - Date: 2007-03-31 - Word Count: 229 Share This!

My daughter has recently been sexually harrassed through her email account on AOL. Now I have tried many ways to contact AOL about this problem. Only one of them really worked for me.

I would advise for you to call AOL. When I called, a customer service worker picked up the phone. All I did was tell her my problem and she quickly checked that what my email that was sent to my daughter to make sure that I was telling the truth and had the AOL account that I had reported terminated. The number is 1-800-827-6364. I was extremely happy with this method.

I have also tried emailing AOL.When I told them about the abuse, I got no email reply back from them comfirming my complaint and my daughter continued to recieve highly innopropiate emails. So don't go wasting your time sending a long, well thought out email to AOL. It will do absolutely nothing.

One way that works about half of the time is using AOL's "Live Chat" in which you chat with a customer service consultant. Although they had done nothing when I reported the abuse, it has worked in the past. It is pretty annoying when it doesn't work though.

I hope you take this advise under consideration when your next AOL email abuse occurs.

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